Marrakech Shops

Establishment neighborhood
The Souk
In Marrakesh there is a sprawling Souk or traditional Moroccan marketplace, where myriad goods are sold in small stalls and stands that line labyrinthine hallways. Fruits, vegetables, rugs, lamps, furniture, spices and handcrafts are all sold here and have been for centuries. I loved the colorful pharmacies chock full of jars of herbs for all kinds of maladies, argon oil, and kohl for traditional eye-makeup. A great deal of haggling takes place at the souks, so brace yourself for bargaining. Laetitia Trouillet, our wonderful shopping guide, took us around to a few great boutiques and guided us through the souk, which can be overwhelming without the right person. If you’re ever shopping in Marrakech, she’s the person to call. Below are a few shops and restaurants she recommends along with the spots I visited on my trip.
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