Colonia Condesa Bars & Nightlife

Establishment neighborhood
Felina Bar
Ometusco 87, Colonia Condesa
The Condesa neighborhood is packed with hipster bars that are now past their prime, but Felina is tucked away enough that it still feels like a discovery. With its specialty rum-based cocktails and mid-century furnishings—which got a major revamp this year—it has a little bit of a Mad Men feel. The bar's arty crowd heads here after work and on lazy weekend afternoons to enjoy the drinks, watch the skilled bartenders, and listen to the great playlists of obscure soul which the bar is famous for. Get there late and you'll be standing.
La Botica
Alfonso Reyes 120, Colonia Condesa
The city is somewhat overrun by mezcal bars, as the smoky agave-based drink has sky-rocketed in terms of popularity, but La Botica was one of the originals, and continues to support small, independent distilleries, which is why it makes our list. Their mezcals, which they serve neat with orange slices and traditional bar snacks on the side, are sourced from all parts of the country and like serious sommeliers, the staff are all passionate about provenance and tasting notes. It's a good first stop for a long night out, and it's also a great place to get an education on the ever-popular drink.
The Rooftop at CondesaDF
Avenida Veracruz 102, Colonia Condesa
The neighborhood where CondesaDF is located is host to some of the more hipster-y bars in town but that's definitely not the case at the fourth floor terrace here. Up among the jacaranda trees, guests perch on a few comfy lounge chairs and munch on the offerings from the "Smart Sushi" menu. The cocktails are fairly standard—and good—but it's the views of the turn of the century architecture nearby, and the tranquility that make the hotel's terrace a perfect escape. Later on, after a few cocktails, head down to the hotel's underground nightclub which tends to get packed on the weekends.