Cabo San Lucas

Establishment neighborhood
Monuments Break
Next to Misiones del Cabo Resort, Cabo San Lucas
The name "Monuments" is a reference to El Arco and the surrounding cliffs—both clearly visible from the break. It’s a very rocky spot with a lively urchin population to keep an eye on even at high tide, so it’s best suited for the experienced surfer (if you didn’t lug your own boards get a rental at any of the shops in Cabo San Lucas). Getting here is easy: just type in hotel Misiones del Cabo into the GPS and tell the guard at the gate you’re looking to surf. You'll want to park above the break, next to Misiones del Cabo Resort.
La Coyota
Leona Vicario, Ampliación Juárez, Cabo San Lucas
Located in a part of Los Cabos tourists don’t really know about, this gorgeous colonial style hacienda used to be the home of none other than Edith Jimenez (as in Edith’s restaurant and The Office) until she decided to convert the house into a store where every room is organized by theme and every conceivable surface is shoppable. One of the bedrooms is decked entirely in embroidered linens, the kids room is packed with dolls, plush toys, games, and accessories revolving around the Day of the Dead, while the second floor landing is outfitted floor-to-ceiling in crucifixes and sacred hearts. In the open air courtyard there are hand-blown glass ornaments in every color and size imaginable and even more pottery, curio boxes, light fixtures, art, and countless other treasures for sale.
Km. 4.1, El Tezal, Cabo San Lucas
This massive warehouse is where design-savvy locals and interior decorators go to outfit their businesses and private homes in artisan-made furniture and décor. The sprawling main floor offers rows upon rows of traditional Mexican ceramics (everything from ashtrays and soap dishes to teakettles, gigantic urns, and bulk tiles) as far as the eye can see. The upper floors are packed to the rafters with outdoor furniture, wood carvings, hand-woven straw baskets, and so much more. Come with pesos: the exchange rate system is a little wonky here.
El Arco
Cabo San Lucas
A visit to the very end of the peninsula where the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean meet is a necessary trip for anyone visiting Los Cabos. While it’s admittedly touristy, the El Arco rock formation (locals say it looks like a dragon taking a drink of water) is breathtaking. You can hire a water taxi for sightseeing, or a glass-bottomed boat or kayak for a more hands-on adventure. The wildlife, including a healthy colony of sea lions and plenty of birds above water, makes the trip a no-brainer for littles.
Hacienda Beach Club
Gómez Farias S/N, El Medano, Cabo San Lucas
Hacienda Beach Club is for the active holiday: Outdoor yoga, spinning, and complimentary water sports, including stand-up paddleboarding are just a few of the activities offered. And then you can unwind the kinks at the spa after. Note: These are fully-equipped villas for rent, making it a practical choice for a longer stay with the family—they have kitchens, as well as washer/dryers. It’s centrally located next to the marina and people who stay here love that they can walk to the beachfront shops and restaurants.
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