Boston Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
1255 Cambridge St., Cambridge
Bostonians are loyal creatures, and that stereotype holds true when it comes to ice cream. Christina’s has been a Cambridge institution for more than thirty years now, and it’s built up some die-hards fans who will wait out in a snowstorm for a scoop. The homemade ice cream is light and fresh-tasting, and Christina's is known for flavors that are inventive without getting too outlandish, like coffee Oreo, banana, carrot cake, and a seasonal Concord grape sorbet that’s available for only a few weeks a year. For occasions, the shop makes beautiful ice cream cakes that (blessedly) can be ordered same-day.
2080 Day Blvd., South Boston
Open from the end of February to the end of November, Sullivan's on Castle Island is a Boston institution. It first opened in 1951—when hot dogs cost 15 cents—in an aluminum shack with pull-down shutters. In the late '80s it moved to its current brick building, which is a replica of the officer's quarters that were situated bayside in the early 1800s. A concession-stand-like operation, Sullivan's draws big crowds, but the line does move relatively quickly. The food menu is a mix of New England classics (lobster rolls, fried clam strips), breakfast sandwiches, burgers, dogs, and fries. And far from an afterthought, the ice cream menu has its own devoted following. The soft-serve is standout, and the specialty, called the Razzle, is a whipped soft-serve with your choice of Oreos, M&Ms, Reese’s, Snickers, or chocolate chip cookie dough. They also have Hood ice cream and Richie's Italian ice on stock.
J.P. Licks
659 Centre St., Jamaica Plain
In 1981, at the age of twenty-six, ice cream-lover Vince Petryk opened J.P. Licks in his Jamaica Plain neighborhood outside of Boston (hence the initials J.P.). Today, there are thirteen locations in and around Boston—including Beacon Hill, Cambridge, Mission Hill, and Fenway/Kenmore—making this a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. Part espresso bar, part bakery, part ice cream shop, J.P. Licks's awesome rotation of soft-serve frozen yogurt may be its best selling point, particularly in a city where scooped ice cream largely dominates the scene. Although...the ice cream cakes and chipwhiches are really good, too.
100 City Hall Plaza, Downtown Crossing
This cheery little spot is right next door to city hall, meaning that it’s within striking distance of countless offices come lunchtime. Founder Kyle actually started the business when his wife, Lydia, was diagnosed with breast cancer and their doctor recommended trying out a “plant-packed” diet for her recovery. There’s a lot going on here—a juice bar with multiple-day meal plans, made-to-order smoothies and lunches, and a cooler stocked with premade meals. Everything is fresh, organic, vegan, and non-GMO; fan favorites include the chia seed pudding and quinoa sliders.
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