Establishment neighborhood
4128 Magazine St., Touro
Saffron is a family-owned business that started out as a catering company (in operation for twenty-six years) but is now a full-fledged restaurant on Magazine Street. Come with a crowd and pile the table high with Indian delicacies like Bombay-style shrimp with tomato remoulade, crabmeat pudha, stacks of lentil pancakes, a heap of buttery roti, and all the accompaniments including raita, gobi, and pickles. The menu is a fusion of Indian and local flavors, and the dishes are designed to share. Equal attention is lavished on the tongue-in-cheek cocktail list. The Nah-ma-stay Swizzle, for instance, is a muddle of rum and roasted mango and is completely addicting.
3607 Magazine St., Touro
Cavan occupies a weathered 1883 Uptown mansion, and while the whole place feels like it might fall apart, that’s part of the charm. It’s named for an Irish orphan from County Cavan who lived in this very house, and not much has changed since the early 1900s. The classic white clapboard exterior and beautifully preserved interior are reason enough to visit. Salmon-colored walls, plush velvet seating, and original architectural details, like stucco cornices, set the tone for leisurely, elegant meals. The gingerbread-spiced jerk fish with sweet potato hash and eggnog beurre blanc is a dish you probably can’t find anywhere else—and it’s also really, really good.