Lower Garden District

Establishment neighborhood
Hotel Saint Vincent
1507 Magazine St., Lower Garden District
In New Orleans’s Lower Garden District, Hotel Saint Vincent is a gorgeous compound—75 rooms and three restaurants surrounding a courtyard pool and bar—toward the east end of Magazine Street, just a short ride from the French Quarter. It has a relaxed, partyish vibe that’s in sync with the spirit of the city, and the design is considered, down to the smallest details—like the pretty pink tiling in the bathrooms and the swish silk robes that match the marbled-paper walls. The cult-favorite Austin boutique ByGeorge has an outpost just off the lobby, which is either convenient or dangerous, depending on your perspective.
Fat Boy Pantry
1302 Magazine St., Lower Garden District
Fat Boy Pantry curates everything we ever want to eat under one roof…in sandwich form. Ice cream (served in sweet buns), fried oysters, and ground lamb all get sandwiched between two carb-y slabs. The clean, all-white décor, La Marzocco coffee machine, and scoops of homemade ice cream all contribute to the modern soda fountain feel. Come for breakfast, come for lunch, come for dessert—the juice is always fresh, and the vibe fun.
French Truck Coffee
1200 Magazine St., Lower Garden District
Each location of French Truck—there are three, though the Uptown outpost is our favorite—is wonderfully cheerful, decked out in bright shades of yellow and blue. The coffee is directly sourced from farms throughout Africa and South America, the fresh beans are roasted in small batches for better flavor, and the milk comes from a local dairy. Every detail of the experience is carefully considered. Pick up a few bags of beans to stash in your freezer on the way out—it makes a great memento of your trip.