Establishment neighborhood
La Bandita Townhouse
Corso Il Rossellino 111, Pienza
This is Voigtmann’s second property, as lovely and welcoming as his first but located right in the center of Pienza. La Bandita Townhouse used to be the town’s convent—then Voigtmann bought it from the nuns, kept the original centuries-old structure intact, and converted the inside into a place with a state-of-the-art kitchen, high thread counts, and every modern luxury. Whether you stay there or not, make a point to have lunch in the garden. Zucchini carpaccio with parmigiano and taglioni al pesto taste better surrounded by rosemary and lavender bushes.
La Bandita Countryhouse
Podere La Bandita, Pienza
When Voigtmann and Cohane opened their first hotel almost twelve years ago, they wanted it to feel less like a hotel and more like the house of a great friend with fantastic taste. To say they succeeded would be a gross understatement. La Bandita sits on a hilltop, the entirety of the Val d’Orcia unfurling at its feet—superlatives fail to describe these views. There’s an infinity pool, a bocce court, a poolside bar, an outdoor living room and fire pit: The list of beautiful amenities is too long to list. The chef, Dario Ferrari, is reason enough to come here, as are the beautiful service, the remarkably friendly staff, and the in-room bathtubs. Book the Pig Sty—a freestanding suite that makes it seem like all of Tuscany was just given to you.
Giardino La Foce
Strada della Vittoria 61, Val d'Orcia
This was once the home of Iris Origo, author of War in the Val d’Orcia (required reading if you’re going to spend any real time in the valley). Today, the spectacular palazzos, olive groves, and gardens are run by her two daughters, Donata and Benedetta. If you don’t stay in the bed and breakfast at La Foce or rent one of the villas, make time to tour the gardens. It’s the Versailles of Tuscany. “The regular guided tours give you a chance to peek into this spectacular English garden and hear about its minor but fascinating role in World War II,” says Voigtmann. Images courtesy of Laura Arcelli.
Puscina Flowers
Podere Puscina 65, Montepulciano
It’s not something you would expect to find in Tuscany and you certainly wouldn’t stumble upon it unless you knew it was there, but once you visit Puscina, you’ll start to plot your return. This flower farm was started by two sisters with impeccable taste—and is now one of the best open secrets in the valley. “Take a guided nature walk to a secret pond and learn about wildflower cultivation from these innovative sisters who have transformed their family farm into a sustainable flower-producing business,” suggests Voigtmann.
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