Establishment neighborhood
Officine 904
16 Via Dogali, Pienza
This whole area is known for spectacular leather, but so much of it is poor quality and not so nice. This store is what you think of when you think of a chic Italian leather store that no one has discovered yet: wallets, bags, clutches in the softest leather imaginable in brown, black, grey (if you’re feeling safe), and shades like silver, orange, Kelly green (if you’re not). “It also has a limited range of beautiful handmade clothing pieces,” adds Voigtmann.
Cugisi Cheese Farm
Via della Boccia 8, Montepulciano
Tuscany is as renowned for its wine as it is for its Pecorino, and perhaps no cheese farm does it better than Cugusi. You can tour the dairy, meet the sheep, or cut to the chase and just stock up from the store. Whatever you buy, you’ll wish you bought more. “This famed cheesemaker also offers a picnic-basket service with products from its farm,” says Voigtmann. “It’s the perfect way to enjoy a picnic overlooking Montepulciano.”
Via di Mezzo, Sarteano
Monteverdi is a hotel, a bar, a restaurant, a wine bar, a spa, and a handful of private villas, and at the time of this writing, there may very well be plans for an opera house under way. It is mind-blowingly beautiful and luxurious. It’s somehow a tiny village and an outrageously luxurious hotel at the same time. The new cocktail lounge, Enoteca, is “probably the best cocktail with a view in the whole valley,” says Voigtmann. And yes, that’s saying something.
Via Gozzante 67, Pienza
There’s nothing about a 600-year-old Renaissance town that would make you think that the cool kids took over. Then you walk down below the church. “It’s this hipster cocktail bar that was recently opened by a group of young guys from Pienza,” says Voigtmann. “It’s in a historic building overlooking the valley.” This is the perfect place to come after dinner: If it’s warm, sit outside, but the inside is just as lively. Order a Campari spritz, the less-sweet version of an Aperol Spritz, and snack on chips as night falls over the valley. The darker the sky, the louder the music. Fair warning: “It stays open late,” says Voigtmann. “Too late.”
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