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After Chef Jona Silva read Michael Pollan’s book Cooked, he cut out refined sugar and started eating healthier—basically re-inventing his style of cooking. His meal delivery company of the same name, which he started with his wife, is beloved in Chicago because it provides a huge variety of options, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and kids meals (they even do great lunchboxes). The food is always local, organic whenever possible, and changes considerably with the seasons—plus, they offer Whole30-approved reset plans. They now deliver to all of Chicago—the city and surrounding suburbs.
Head Chef David Yusefz left his gig as Executive Chef at Baffo to join Radish, and his background in fine dining (as opposed to catering, where most chefs in this space started out), definitely shines through in his food. The menu changes daily, offering meals that display restaurant-quality creativity, like Ancho skirt steak with cherry tomatoes and pickled onions, wild-caught shrimp and grits with lemon and hot sauce, or “unfried” rice with scrambled eggs. While Radish is only available at dinner hours right now, food can be ordered on-demand and delivered hot in less than 20 minutes.
Kitch Fix
Kitch Fix is a favorite of the exercise community in Chicago because of its emphasis on a low-carb, high-fat, paleo style of cooking—favorite meals on the rotating menu include honey-glazed chicken with bacon guacamole, herb-roasted grass-fed beef, bone broths, cashew yogurt, and their paleo granola, which is available at Whole Foods. The easy-to-navigate website allows you to customize sizes—a seriously convenient feature when one family member is training for a marathon and the other’s doing gentle yoga. Also cool: Many of the company’s employees are students in or graduates of the Cara Program, a Chicago nonprofit that provides job training for those living in homelessness and extreme poverty.
Chef Made (Closed)
The first thing that makes Chef Made stand apart is their gorgeous food photography, but the food itself is just as good. Recipe-wise, they excel at inventive spins on classic dishes, like ginger chicken noodle soup with lime and chili, turkey meatballs and lemony rice, and an edamame bowl with miso brown rice cakes. They also offer really good drinks, like cold-brew Intelligentsia coffee and homemade jasmine milk tea. The whole operation is one for one: For each meal purchased, Chef Made donates a meal to someone in need through a local food bank.
Farmer’s Fridge
Farmer’s Fridge is famous for gorgeous, layered jar salads with dressing and solids on the bottom; flip them upside down and they become the perfect healthy meal. In honor of the New Year and the wave of healthy eating resolutions that come with it, they’ve teamed up with another Chicago favorite, Real Good Juice, to create a two-day cleanse that can be delivered to your door. The cleanse features solid food and juice (there are omnivore and vegetarian versions), and can be scheduled for delivery or pickup anytime.