Establishment neighborhood
Sunrise Shack
59-158 Kamehameha Hwy., Hale'iwa
A favorite with the early morning surf crew that frequent the North Shore, Sunrise Shack has the basics—injected with the latest in wellness—down. Bulletproof coffee is upgraded with grass-fed butter and fragrant Madagascan vanilla. Refreshing acai bowls (some with blue algae whipped in) are topped with a shocking-pink dragon fruit syrup, toasted coconut flakes for crunch, and sweet bee pollen. The Shack’s three founding brothers grew up on these beaches and know exactly what their fellow Hawaiians want first thing: great coffee, fresh fruit, and cheery local banter.
66-250 Kamehameha Hwy., Hale'iwa
Surfing burns an awful lot of energy, so it’s not surprising that the North Shore is equipped with a few hearty breakfast spots. After a long morning in the ocean, locals go to Kono’s for breakfast burritos, pulled pork, and seriously good milkshakes. Not surprisingly, the pulled pork breakfast burrito, which combines all of their best dishes, is the must-order menu item (though brave souls should also try their Spam breakfast burrito—it's the equivalent of trying Vegemite in Australia).