The Cyclades Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
Theodorou’s Sweet Shop
Artemonas, Sifnos
In the charming village of Artemonas, Theodorou is new by Greek standards. It opened in 1933 and is still a family-run business. This is the spot to pick up the most delectable Greek sweets like amygdalota, ground-almond treats in cookie form, supposedly shaped to mimic a Roman nose. The shop also sells the most divine tubs of sugar paste, fragrant with bergamot and rose water, as well as pasteli (sticky honey-and-sesame bars), which are the traditional treat at weddings and baptisms. All these beautifully packaged goodies are made from scratch in ginormous, shining copper pots behind the counter. Bring a box of bourekia—ground spices, soft ricotta, and island honey encased in a sugar-drenched flaky pastry shell—back to your hotel for a midnight snack.