Georgia Bars & Nightlife

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Kimball House
303 E Howard Ave., Decatur
Kimball House is the brainchild of four friends who originally worked together at Brick Store Pub and came across old menus from the historic (and, sadly, no longer standing) Kimball House Hotel featuring classic Manhattan cocktails and oysters. That menu—and the deep-dive into old-school dining traditions that ensued—became the inspiration for their own restaurant, which opened a few years ago. While the thorough oyster menu and its thoughtful tasting notes are an important part of the experience here, it’s the specialty cocktail program run by local bartending celebrity Miles Macquarrie that put it on our radar. If you’re lucky enough to stop by when he’s behind the bar, he’ll give you the history behind everything on the menu, including the exhaustive list of absinthes and the subtle differences between them.
The Painted Pin
737 Miami Circle NE, Buckhead
Think of the Painted Pin, which bills itself as “an upscale boutique bar, bowling, and entertainment venue,” as all of the fun and games of a college party, but classed up exponentially. Elegant leather banquettes line twenty full-service bowling lanes, and there’s a lovely courtyard in the back outfitted with bocce courts, shuffleboard tables, ping pong, and Southern skittles (which is easy to learn and fun to play). Needless to say, it’s an awesome place to host a party.
Northside Tavern
1058 Howell Mill Rd., Home Park
The great thing about this certified dive bar on the West side (which has been open for more than forty years) is that they have live music seven nights a week. They specialize in blues and roots music, and any Atlanta music geek you ask will verify that they get some of the best acts in the city. Try to catch a Wednesday night, when Mudcat is on rotation—front man Danny “Mudcat” Dudeck is an important fixture in the town’s music scene, and worth the trek across town.
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