6th Arrondissement

Establishment neighborhood
Le Relais de l’Entrecôte
101 Blvd. du Montparnasse, 6th
You know exactly what to expect at this, kitschy, family-owned establishment and that is the best steak frites in town topped with buttery, herby “secret” sauce. That’s it, and it’s worth lining up for at this is a no-reservations locale. Touristy though it may be—they’ve since opened locations in London and New York—it remains a local’s mainstay, too, as proof of its great quality. There are now locations in the 6th and 8th as well.
9 Rue Madame, 6th
With its chalk grey walls, taxidermied birds, black furnishings, and romantic aesthetic, Odorantes is as boutique-y as it gets for a florist. Fittingly, Owners Christophe Hervé and Emmanuel Sammartino have developed a completely novel way of creating bouquets and arrangements, basing them around scent first, then composition. This means that most their bouquets are predominantly made up of rare rose varietals with a few other scented seasonal flowers dotted in. Even if you're having a bouquet made as a gift for delivery, it's worth heading to the shop just for the experience.
La Boutique des Saints Pères
14 Rue des St. Pères, 6th
While it might look like another cute Parisian flower boutique, this hole in the wall shop is actually powered by, which is probably the most user-friendly delivery service in the Parisian market. Whether you walk into the shop or order online, they have a wide variety of loosely arranged, seasonal bouquets available at all times. In fact, they're the only flower shop we've seen that opens on Sundays, a real rarity in this town.
Jardin Du Luxembourg
15 Rue de Vaugirard, 6th
Sure, this is home to some serious business (the French Senate occupies the adjacent Luxembourg Palace and the formal gardens are some of the city's prettiest), but this giant park really shines when it comes to occupying little kids. Children can expend copious amounts of energy here, whether it's by sailing model boats in the fountains, watching shows at the puppet theatre, riding donkeys on the vintage carousel, or working the jungle gym at the large enclosed playground.