3rd Arrondissement

Establishment neighborhood
57 Rue Charlot, 3rd
Rose Bakery alum Kaori Endo’s creative spin on traditional, Japanese bento boxes is a huge hit in Paris—and she has a mini-chainlet of restaurants to prove it. We like the Marais location best, as its bigger than her original spot in the 10th. There’s a grocery and takeaway in the front, and a handful of tables in the back, where you can feast on really beautiful plates of veggies, carefully prepared meat and fish, chirashis, and soup. There is also another location in the 10th.
Picasso Museum
5 Rue de Thorigny, 3rd
It's rare to find a museum where you can see such a wide breadth of a single artist's work, but in this Marais manse (which dates back to the 1600s), you can see pieces from every period of Picasso's life. In addition, it also houses Picasso's personal art collection, which includes pieces from Cézanne, Rousseau, and Degas, as well as significant African art. After a much longer than anticipated renovation, the museum finally reopened in the fall of 2014. Photograph by Béatrice Hatala
Anahi (Closed)
49 Rue Volta, 3rd
You'd walk right by this nondescript sliver of a restaurant if you didn't know it was there. A smattering of oversize gold candlesticks, artfully dilapidated tile walls, perfectly gilded mirrors, slabs of marble, and rickety chairs will make you feel like you're eating in someone's wonderfully loved kitchen. And this kitchen just happens to serve Argentinian steaks accompanied by creamy guacamole, beans and rice, and heaping amounts of side salad.