3rd & 4th Arrondissement Restaurants

Establishment neighborhood
Wild & the Moon
55 Rue Charlot, 3rd
&A welcome addition to Paris's growing roster of health-centric restaurants, Wild and the Moon hits that sweet spot of tasty health-conscious food that is actually filling. The menu has been formulated by vegan nutritionists, with over half of it dominated by juices and tonics—adaptogenic coffee chaga shakes, blue algae smoothies, charcoal lattes, and golden mylks. The food centers around hearty, flavorful grain and lentil bowls packed with vegetables and topped with inventive miso-based vinaigrettes. For the traveler seeking a little balance with their crème brûlée, stocking your hotel room with a mini-bar-friendly assortment of the café's raw bars, chia puddings, cold-pressed juices, and zucchini muffins is never a bad call.
Anahi (Closed)
49 Rue Volta, 3rd
You'd walk right by this nondescript sliver of a restaurant if you didn't know it was there. A smattering of oversize gold candlesticks, artfully dilapidated tile walls, perfectly gilded mirrors, slabs of marble, and rickety chairs will make you feel like you're eating in someone's wonderfully loved kitchen. And this kitchen just happens to serve Argentinian steaks accompanied by creamy guacamole, beans and rice, and heaping amounts of side salad.
22 Rue des Ecouffes, 4th
This tiny, super casual Tel Aviv transplant, located in the center of the Marais (known for its large concentration of falafel shops), doesn’t offer much in terms of seating other than a small communal table and a few counter seats, but what it lacks in accommodations, it more than makes up for in really good food. (You will most likely want to take your meal to go, anyway.) The menu offers loads of veggie options and is a cross between Israeli street eats and French cuisine: Think beef bourguignon pita with a side of whole-roasted cauliflower, washed down with beer or a glass of Israeli wine. For dessert, try the tarte tatin, also served in pita form.
Rose Bakery (Closed)
30 Rue Debelleyme, 3rd
Focused exclusively on breakfast and lunch (brunch in particular, packs out the house), Rose Bakery is now two Paris locations strong (plus an outpost in London’s Dover Street Market and Tokyo’s Comme des Garçons). Rose Carrarin crafts fresh, locally sourced ingredients into vegetarian-friendly salads and simple sandwiches that are significantly lighter than traditional French bistro fare. And did we mention that it’s a bakery? The bread, puddings, and cakes shouldn’t be skipped—even though Rose Bakery has British roots, the confections here can compete with Paris’s best. There's another location in the 9th.
57 Rue Charlot, 3rd
Rose Bakery alum Kaori Endo’s creative spin on traditional, Japanese bento boxes is a huge hit in Paris—and she has a mini-chainlet of restaurants to prove it. We like the Marais location best, as its bigger than her original spot in the 10th. There’s a grocery and takeaway in the front, and a handful of tables in the back, where you can feast on really beautiful plates of veggies, carefully prepared meat and fish, chirashis, and soup. There is also another location in the 10th.
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