2nd Arrondissement

Establishment neighborhood
La Conserverie (Closed)
37 Rue du Sentier, 2nd
There's a bit of an identity crisis at this much-loved spot, but it totally works. For one, the décor is American Gothic meets industrial (galvanized tubing stretches across the ceiling, the bar is backed by antique crates, and old-fashioned prints of tools dot the walls). And for two, the menu morphs dramatically throughout the day. Breakfast tends to be American (pancakes, eggs, and hash), lunch is Japanese bento boxes, and then it morphs into a full-on bar, with excellent (and complex) cocktails at night.
142 Rue Montmartre, 2nd
Leave it to the mind behind Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet to engineer Paris's most labyrinth-like club—in one of the city's most culturally significant buildings. Constructed in the late 19th century as a publishing press for France's leftist newspapers, Émile Zola printed "J'Accuse" there in 1898, and rumor has it that Molière might be buried in its hallowed ground. For its 2011 opening, David Lynch designed the entire, garret-like space himself, from the futuristic theater to the wood-block lined passageway to the '60s-style bar. Until midnight, it's a private club with screenings, talks, and private exhibits; after midnight, it's a full-on dance club with some of Europe's best DJs.
David Mallett
14 Rue Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, 2nd
Australian-born hair stylist David Mallet's impeccable reputation is understandable: His rolodex of devoted editors, celebrities, and designers is deep, plus his army of pros do hair in a gorgeous, sun-washed space that's far from prying eyes. Herringbone floors, gold gilded molding, Eero Saarinen tulip chairs, and an aviary of rare taxidermied birds (white peacocks, ostriches, et al) are nice touches, but they all play second fiddle to David Mallet's truly transformative cuts and color.
Épices Roellinger
51 Bis Rue St. Anne, 2nd
A rolling ladder and packed floor-to-ceiling shelves underscore the library-like nature of this storied spice shop: Here, you'll find an encyclopedia worth of salts and peppers, mustards, chutneys, infused oils, and any number of exotic spices. The main draw, though, are the Roellinger house mixes, like the Mauritius-inspired Poudre d'Or, which combines coriander, turmeric, West Indian bay, and unripe mango powder. Since no cookbook calls for this specific mixture, they make pairing suggestions (oysters and shellfish), and even offer links to recipes for those of us who are easily intimidated chefs.
44 Rue Etienne Marcel, 2nd
Started by three brothers (whose family made its fortune from French brand, Comptoir des Cotonniers), this brand splashed out across Paris aggressively and loudly. Their ad campaigns—of stylish couples who both look, and dress alike—are a good reflection of the subtly tough and subtly unisex wares here. Leather bomber jackets, black skinny jeans, and streamlined sweaters are all part of the mix. Other locations: 4th Arrondissement, 6th Arrondissement, plus other locations.
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