1st & 2nd Arrondissement Shops

Establishment neighborhood
Voyageurs du Monde
48 Rue Sainte-Anne, 2nd
This fantastic little travel bookshop is owned by the major travel agency across the street. While this may seem like a clever sales ploy, that doesn’t detract from the selection. Here you’ll find novels and nonfiction from around the world—some in English—along with maps, city guides, and a considered edit of handsome and practical travel accessories. Pop in at the ever-changing pop-up next door and you might pick up a jacket or home accessory, too, from some far-flung brand or workers cooperative.
44 Rue Etienne Marcel, 2nd
Started by three brothers (whose family made its fortune from French brand, Comptoir des Cotonniers), this brand splashed out across Paris aggressively and loudly. Their ad campaigns—of stylish couples who both look, and dress alike—are a good reflection of the subtly tough and subtly unisex wares here. Leather bomber jackets, black skinny jeans, and streamlined sweaters are all part of the mix. Other locations: 4th Arrondissement, 6th Arrondissement, plus other locations.
Christian Louboutin
19 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1st
Sure, you’ll find Christian Louboutin’s full range of red-soled stilettos and studded loafers here, but you’ll also find unparalleled customer service. They maintain a strict 1:1 ratio of salespeople to clients, and while this might seem like it would result in helicopter-like hovering, it doesn’t. Instead, they swoop in only when you have a question or need a size. There are two other locations, one in the 7th and one in the 8th.
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