South Beach Specialty

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Happy Place Donuts
507 Española Way, South Beach
Recently opened, Happy Donuts is a sugar palace for grown-ups. Between the café and the terrace, there are over one hundred seats, and impressively, the bakery manages to keep up. For entertainment, stand at the glass counter and watch the busy bakers churn out thousands of chewy doughnuts and tarts. Flavors like guava are something you won’t taste elsewhere, and although this is technically a doughnut shop, we’re partial to the Nutella-stuffed pastries.
232 5th St., South Beach
Dirt opened in autumn 2015, with a mission to source ingredients from local farms and bring a level of transparency to the process for customers. (Part of this is a cool map that hangs on the wall with pinpoints that highlight how much chef de cuisine Nicole Votano’s menu draws on nearby Florida farms, including organic ones as much as possible.) There are gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and kids' menus, with dishes changing somewhat seasonally but including options like an egg white and avocado mash breakfast bowl, chia pudding with coconut milk and cacao nibs, sandwiches served on Zak the Baker bread, and a kale, quinoa, and blood orange salad with cashew cream. The smoothies made with coconut meat are noteworthy. The 5th Street space has a fittingly bright, clean vibe lit by rose-gold lights, with a small juice bar in the corner, plus some tabletops if you aren’t taking your food and drink to go.
500 S. Pointe Dr., South Beach
This South Beach newcomer, run by an adorable married couple from Maui, specializes in locally sourced organic health food. The menu is full of vegetarian and allergy-friendly dishes, with smoothies and acai bowls in the morning and buckwheat ramen and gluten-free pizza in the afternoon. The décor here is just as light as the food, with walls of subway tiles in the back and dainty patio tables out front—it's exactly the kind of place where you want to meet friends for lunch after a workout.
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