Coconut Grove

Establishment neighborhood
3540 Main Hwy., Coconut Grove
Ariete, which has inadvertently put Coconut Grove on the culinary map, specializes in comfort food with a Cuban edge. The grilled oysters drenched in bone-marrow butter is the most indulgent interpretation of surf and turf we’ve ever seen. The interior can’t quite make up its mind—tiled walls against wooden floors, with industrial ceilings heavy with pipes. But the sunny patio brings the whole thing together, and the fritas (spiced burgers topped with crispy fried matchstick potatoes and wrapped in a Cuban roll) make us quickly forget any design quirks.
Panther Coffee
3407 Main Hwy., Coconut Grove
This favorite local coffee shop has three locations in Miami (Wynwood, Sunset Harbour, Coconut Grove), each one with a slightly different vibe. The Wynwood Panther, not surprisingly, has a hipster feel, and on a weekday you’re likely to find many locals sitting on the large outdoor patio or at the interior cafeteria-style tables, laptops out, quirky pop music playing in the background. The Sunset Harbour location feels a bit more industrial; it has a bigger interior and no outdoor garden. The Coconut Grove spot has the more upscale aesthetic, but still coolly so. Good cold brew, almond croissants, etc., whichever one you find yourself at.