Shoreditch Specialty

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Shoreditch Grind
213 Old St., Shoreditch
In a city of a million coffee shops, Shoreditch Grind, the original of what is now a few locations around the city, gets it just right. Perched on the highly trafficked Old Street roundabout, it’s pounded daily by commuters, bankers, and start-up employees—and the menu appeals to all of them. The coffee is roasted at the Shoreditch Grind roaster around the corner, and the interior is industrial-cool with subway-tiled walls and big windows overlooking the hustle. The breakfast is good—acai bowls, scrambled eggs, and smoked salmon, but the lattes (matcha, turmeric, good old coffee) are even better.
Nude Coffee Roasters
25 Hanbury St., Shoreditch
The espresso here is serious: smooth, heady, and perfect on its own, which gives reason why this café is always packed. Back in 2008, Nude's founders created their first café tucked along Brick Lane, where they served ethically sourced, artisanal coffee. Word spread quickly and the team moved to its current location on Hanbury Street that also hosts a state-of-the-art roastery. Every cup served comes from beans roasted on-site by the industry's most ecologically friendly roaster. You'll find here locals who are in to their coffee, from where's grown to how it's sourced. There's also a sister café on Bell Lane.
F. Cooke
150 Hoxton St., Shoreditch
If you're trying to get a handle on British cuisine by way of pie and mash, there are two versions to try: mash and liquor. You can tell a good pie (like the ones served here) by the crust: The top should be crispy and the bottom shouldn't be soggy. The meat has been cooked in a sealed pie, so when you open it all up, the juices should come out and mix with the liquor and the vinegar and the white pepper, and a touch of salt—and that's exactly what you'll get at this spot, which has been in town for ages. Locals recommend the mash before a night of drinking, as it lines the stomach. As one friend told us, after pies and mash here, "you can drink like a fish and never get drunk."
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