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2 Hearn St., Shoreditch
More than a gym, Blok is a full fitness complex in Shoreditch, a few steps from Liverpool Street station. There are thirty-two different types of classes spanning yoga, Pilates, boxing, barre, and Blok’s own custom classes. The place is beautiful in a stark, modern way—the studios are all glass, brushed concrete, and textural woods with corridors illuminated by soft lights. The café is an ideal post- or pre-workout spot to fuel up with coffee, protein shakes, and plant-based bites that arrive in the prettiest sculptural wooden bowls. Blok’s store, meanwhile, is filled with natural beauty products and workout gear.
45 Charlotte Rd., Shoreditch
This is how we imagine people will be practicing yoga when humans live in space. Inspired by the work of James Turrell, Carlos Cruz-Diez, and Veronica Ann Janssens, Nina Ryner’s studio uses color, sound, and aromatherapy to enhance asana and meditation. (It’s also kind of like doing yoga inside the set from Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video.) Select the type of class you want—restorative, energizing, detoxifying—and there’s a corresponding light and scent experience to accompany each fifty-minute session. The Chromatic class, which cycles through different colors to encourage the body’s natural circadian rhythm (it ends with a burst of energizing blue light in the morning and relaxing red in the evening), is especially cool.
Will Williams Meditation
45 Hoxton Sq., Shoreditch
Will Williams and Jess Cook took a two and a half year hiatus and traveled to India (and then the world) to learn everything they could about Vedic Meditation, only to return to London to bring it to the masses. Learning the technique takes place over three consecutive sessions: they'll give you a personal mantra in the first session, followed by two sessions of meditation training after that. Then, you're ready to practice on your own and reap the benefits—better sleep, less anxiety, focus, the works—or join their popular group sessions in Victoria (no lotus position required).
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