Kensington Health & Beauty

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Dr. Dray
20 Canning Pl., Kensington
Dr. Dray is a serious name around town when it comes to cosmetic dermatology. He invented mesolift, an aesthetic treatment that involves injecting a custom hyaluronic-acid-based vitamin-and-mineral cocktail into the skin for an intense dose of hydration from the inside out. Don't let the idea of needles scare you; you'll start with a consultation, the injections aren't deep, and Dr. Dray has been at this for close to three decades. The procedure takes fewer than twenty minutes, and the results—supple, more youthful skin—are essentially immediate. There's a host of other skin-care services, plus treatments for your hair and hands, and it's all done in a beautiful new clinic in Kensington.
Victoria Young
The Health Partnership, 12a Thurloe St., Kensington
Using a combination of methods including homeopathy, herbs, and meditation, Young helps clients gently reestablish a healthy balance of mind and body. Often, her clients come to her riddled with the stresses of modern-day life, so she's not just treating symptoms but rather looking for the underlying causes, which can often be emotional rather than physical. Consultations begin with a bioenergetic scan, which gives a reading of energetic blockages, organs that are under stress, allergies, etc. From there, Young tailors her treatment to address these ailments with recommendations ranging from diet to herbal and homeopathic remedies.
South Kensington Club
38-42 Harrington Rd., Kensington
In a city full of stuffy clubs for the elite, the SKC (as it's called) comes as a welcome relief. It's tapped into the wellness scene and created a cozy, comfortable, classy home away from home for the health-obsessed. Here members can drop in for a whirl around the world-class Russian baths, have a quality massage or facial, sup on avocado toast and green juice, and hit the gym after with some of the best trainers in town. (The sessions with Paola of Paola's Body Barre are our favorites.) In the evening, you can check in upstairs for a lecture on some remote part of the world, given by the Voyager Club—and you can also book trips through them to, say, the Arctic—and then head to the DJ booth for late-night drinks and dancing. It pretty much ticks all the boxes for the cool and well-to-do down in Chelsea, South Ken, Holland Park, and beyond.
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