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The Pure Package
Started more than ten years ago (which is a lifetime in the realm of meal delivery services), The Pure Package offers a variety of meal plan options that range from a full-on 21-day detox to vegetarian to paleo-inspired. Their general healthy eating option packs maximum nutrients into a gourmet package: lunch might be a smoked chicken, wild mushroom, and artichoke terrine, with stuffed roasted red peppers for dinner (and a dark Belgian chocolate mousse snack in between). Founder Jennifer Irvine also recently launched a more affordable version, called Balance Box.
Georgia Cummings started Potage in her mom’s kitchen in 2012, delivering food locally in Notting Hill on her bicycle. Today, her small team delivers to offices and homes across central London, with special attention paid to sustainability: They use no plastic and minimal, fully compostable packaging, and have a commitment to zero food waste. Seasonal, locally sourced ingredients contribute to nourishing, filling meals, like red lentil and spinach dhal with roasted sweet potato and chili saffron marinated chicken thigh with chickpea and pistachio.
Fresh Fitness Food
With plenty of meal plans to choose, ranging from vegetarian to performance, this is a good meal delivery plan if you have a specific purpose in mind. From the start, they assess your goals—and lifestyle—helping tailor meals to your need, and you’re able to call a nutritionist whenever you want to ask questions. Meals here err on the side of simple with a lot of flavor (think harissa marinated chicken breast with artichoke hearts and mixed veggies), with some curveballs thrown in, like matcha protein waffles. They’ll deliver the easy microwaveable (and recyclable) containers to your office or home.
Spring Green
Meals from Spring Green are typically fairly colorful: The menus, designed by chef and founder Bonnie Stowell, are filled with plant-based options and include everything from rainbow rolls with chia crackers and grapefruit-ginger dip to pumpkin pasta with cashew and mushroom cream. With an emphasis on nutrients for skin health and meals full of healthy fats (but mindful of not cutting carbs completely), there are three tiers of menu plan, starting with fully vegan and working up to higher protein meals with eggs and some meat.
Henrietta Inman Pâtissière
Having worked as a professional pastry chef in some of London's finest restaurants, Henrietta brings the skills of an old-school patissier to her baking. And yet, her cakes, which are free from refined flour, sugar, and dairy are unlike anything else out there. The fact that they are free from those ingredients is, of course, a bonus, but it's the amazing flavors she creates using natural ingredients that's impressive. Her cakes, which she bakes for delivery across London, are sort of mind-blowing, in the intensity of their flavor, the perfection of their texture, and her beautiful decorations, which often include home-grown edible flowers. Henrietta has a lot to show the world about how much further baking can go, and for the curious, she teaches plenty of workshops and one-on-ones. East London based, she delivers across the city.
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