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Emerald and Tiger
174 Walton St., Chelsea
Holistic healer Jasmin Harsono is the founder of the London-based wellness brand Emerald and Tiger. Harsono is a Reiki master, a sonic artist, and an intuitive guide. (You can get a feel for her bright, uplifting energy from this morning Reiki meditation.) Harsono offers virtual private and group sessions, which you can sign up for on her website. For more from Harsono, check out her book Self Reiki: Tune in to Your Life Force to Achieve Harmony and Balance.
Emma Lucy Knowles
Chelsea, London
True intuitives are rare. Having someone know your thoughts, read your body, and decipher your energy without knowing you should be impossible, but it’s not. Knowles is a living, breathing intuitive who in her own mystic way suspends her hands over your body, somehow knowing the trigger points without actually touching you. Candles flicker and crystals get hot in your hands as you lie there waiting for Knowles’s reading (which she will record and send to you a day or two after the dust settles). Of course, these healing sessions are different for everyone, but our reading was spot-on. Knowles considers herself a clairvoyant, a reader, an intuitive, a crystal healer, and an author (her book The Power of Crystal Healing: Change Your Energy and Live a High-vibe Life is a must for the crystal-curious), and no two sessions are quite the same.
Emma Peel
9 Eccleston St., Belgravia
So much exercise is ticking a box. Cardio, done; strength training, done; yoga…not so fast. Yoga is supposed to be an immersive experience for body and mind, and so much of that transformative experience is dictated by the teacher. Emma Peel is one of those rare beings who describes herself as a yoga instructor, but really a session with her is like a master class in letting go. Two hours of yin with Peel involves holding stretches that go so deep, you feel it in your bones, while she recites poetry, speaks to the seasons, and plays the music that seems to crescendo with the tougher postures and soften with the gentle ones. Peel teaches all over London, but you can find her regularly at Yogarise in Peckham and the Light Centre in Belgravia.
The Zita West Fertility Clinic
37 Manchester St., Marylebone
West is a real-life baby whisperer. At the largest holistic fertility clinic in the UK, West, a trained midwife, and her team of medical doctors and holistic practitioners consider and treat the whole person. That treatment can entail acupuncture, nutritional advice, tackling emotional stressors, and IVF. In person, West is both calmly practical and hugely empathetic, with a sense of humor that usually dissolves any nervousness. All courses of treatment start with a consultation and chat on the sofa; for those seeking some of West’s wisdom from home, her informative books and supplements are available online.
Katy Meade King
Katy Meade King is a self-described soul sister. As a child, she knew she had otherworldly abilities but pursued a career in fashion. However the pull toward spiritual work was all-consuming, and after years of study, Meade King is now a Reiki healer, a master Anusha healer, and a medium. Each session is different, but overwhelmingly she specializes in helping clients heal from trauma and sadness in her own delicate, deeply empathetic way. (The best way to reach her is via emaiL: [email protected])
A Place to Heal
118B Holland Park Ave., Holland Park
Nestled on a green corner of Holland Park, A Place to Heal is exactly that. Run by psychoanalyst, wild woman, and healer extraordinaire Fiona Arrigo, the space is centered around reviving the concept of the tribe. Weekly workshops, red tents, transformational breath, counseling, and more all happen in the cozy, stylish confines of the living room—replete with velvet sofas to curl up on, soft throws to wrap up in, and plenty of greenery to soothe. It’s a place where visitors feel held, maybe even understood. Arrigo is a huge proponent of sitting in a circle sharing the highs and the lows, of reconnecting with the divine feminine and rooting back to the earth. Whether you stop by to fall into the velvet sofas for a moment of stillness, join a tea ceremony, or immerse yourself in a meditation workshop with one of Arrigo’s roster of experts, you’ll leave feeling nurtured, safe, and part of a like-minded tribe. Arrigo also runs a series of restorative retreats in the heart of the Somerset countryside.
10 Harley St., Marylebone
Cornelius O’Shaughnessy is one of those hard-to-pin-down figures whose name is reverentially whispered by meditation devotees around town. He’s something of a wellness guru, which is why we had to have him lead a session at our first In goop Health summit in London. The founder of Bodhimaya, a retreat-style experience centering around recovery from stress, burnout, and addiction on properties like Villa La Coste, O’Shaughnessy teaches meditation and Eastern philosophy at his Bodhimaya headquarters on Harley Street and at Fiona Arrigo’s A Place to Heal.
1 Harley St., Marylebone
Breathwork is a deeply personal practice. Hyperventilating and releasing in a room full of people and the sobbing, laughing, and shaking that often accompany that release require a certain willingness to bare all. This is why our first session with renowned breathworker Stuart Sandeman was a one-on-one. When we arrived at the Scotsman’s Dalston studio (there's a second space in Marylebone), his cheery, confident nature immediately put us at ease. And though the next hour of open-mouthed belly breathing and releasing by slapping our hands and feet against the (padded) ground as we loudly exhaled was intense, the release of emotion (okay, we cried) and the subsequent energy burst is not to be understated.
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