LoHi Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
Masterpiece Deli
1575 Central St., LoHi
Hands down, Masterpiece Deli makes the best sandwiches in Denver, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings, you'll find lines out the door for the many hangover-curing items on their menu. The guys here (the same people who are behind Old Major, just up the street) care deeply about sourcing, finding the very best cured meats and cheeses, many of them imported. While the breakfast sandwiches (you can pick from a bunch of different meats) are a universal favorite, we also love the Italian, the Cubano, the smoked turkey and brie, and—so heavy but so absolutely, definitively worth it—the 12-hour braised beef brisket. The original's in LoHi, but they also have a location in Uptown.
Little Man Ice Cream
2620 16th St., LoHi
It's nearly impossible to miss Little Man, not only because of the line that snakes around the block, but because it's housed in a two-story silver milk carton. The mix of flavors here is delightfully all over the board, with nostalgia-inducing fluffernutter and whopper malt alongside strawberry balsamic and Earl Grey—though, in our not-so-unbiased opinion, you're doing it wrong if you don't get the famous salted Oreo. Regulars know that when the lines get unbearably long in the summer, you can fast-track by ordering from one of two small stands that they set up on the sidewalk, which offer a smaller selection of flavors (almost always including salted Oreo).
Black Eye Coffee
3408 Navajo St, LoHi
This cute little coffee shop first opened on Navajo in the center of a residential neighborhood, offering table space for workers, a small-but-perfect menu of snacks like yogurt and granola or pastries, and tons of natural light streaming in through wide windows in the front. They recently opened a second location in Capitol Hill with a totally different identity, swapping their rustic hipster aesthetic for a more contemporary feel, and staying open into the evenings to serve small bites and alcohol. The one thing that's consistent: Perfectly roasted Boxcar espresso in the hands of expert baristas.