Central Restaurants

Establishment neighborhood
32 Wyndham St., Central
Mumbai Government Punch (Mount Gay rum, Hennessy cognac, lime, green tea, nutmeg, Demerara gum) and Ribston Apples (spiced rum, amaretto, apple cider, honey, cinnamon) are just a few of the offerings at this new, Victorian-inflected spot, which stays open “late.” The food, which revolves around seafood, is equally inventive and compelling: There’s Rock Cod & Chips (topped with soda batter pickled tartar sauce), Soldiers & Egg (sea urchin and slow-cooked duck’s egg with toast), and oysters, obviously. The spot is tucked-away (down a dark alley, behind an unmarked door), and the vibe is curio-closet-meets-speakeasy, which makes it fun all around.