Establishment neighborhood
430 Adelaide St W., Downtown
A significant chunk of the thrill of travel is experiencing those routines integral to daily life—the coffee, the commute, the workout—somewhere else. Toronto’s Hoame is a meditation studio that will make you feel like a local—or certainly wish you were. The grey-and-blush-hued space has a way of making you want to exhale, which is a nice bonus in a wellness center. There are two meditation studios (one light, one dark), an infrared sauna (pretty dreamy after a flight), and a Himalayan salt cave. Yes: cave. The place is set up to feel a lot like the Zen, cozy home of a minimalist-leaning friend. Classes end with a shot of a delicious elixir and a stack of warm towels (or cold ones, if you prefer). Afterward, head to the L-shaped sofas—they’re cozy and inviting and perfect for relaxing in front of a roaring fire. Hoame’s founders have thought of everything to make their clients feel utterly cared for; a session here is at the top of our Toronto to-do list, every time we touch down.
Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen
104 Portland St., Downtown
Toronto’s diversity of ethnic communities means that you can probably pick any country on a map and find at least a handful of outstanding restaurant options specializing in its cuisine—including Jamaica. Chubby’s, in the city’s Fashion District, is known for its authentic jerk chicken and small bites, the best of which include salt fish fritters with a mango-lime-papaya salsa and spicy jerk chips made of plantains and taro. The interior is bright and cheerful thanks to tropical floral prints everywhere.