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Edgewood Health Network
2121 Boxwood Rd., Nanaimo
Edgewood Health Network incorporates evidence-based cognitive behavioral and dialectal behavioral therapies into its approach to treat people suffering from eating disorders and addiction. A team of physicians, nutritionists, and psychiatrists works with each person to create an individualized plan that treats the whole self, supplementing a clinical approach with yoga and other mindfulness-based wellness treatments. There are three inpatient campuses—in Toronto, Montreal, and Nanaimo—and various outpatient clinics across Canada.
The Kyla Fox Centre
174 Bedford Rd., Yorkville
Licensed social worker Kyla Fox founded her outpatient center in 2012 after struggling with anorexia and exercise addiction. The program offers an autonomous experience, which means clients' recovery work is done mostly one-on-one with the center's doctors, therapists, and nutritionists rather than in group settings with other clients. The staff takes into consideration each person's life circumstances, responsibilities, and other life factors to design a custom plan that incorporates holistic healing (i.e., art therapy, yoga, acupuncture, Reiki) and clinical therapy. There is currently no waitlist for the center and they treat children and adults. The center also offers a wellness program specifically for women, as well as individual, family, and couples therapy.
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