Presidio Shops

Establishment neighborhood
3461 Sacramento St., Presidio
We happened upon this French home interiors brand on Instagram and were delighted to discover a brick-and-mortar location in Presidio Heights. A husband-and-wife duo helm Caravane with an assist from their daughter. Neutral hues, natural fabrics like linen and cotton, bright patterns, baskets—you name it, Caravane has the prettiest, earthiest version of it. The curtains are especially gorgeous and affordable, considering many are made with organic fabrics. And the terracotta salad bowls, wooden boards, and tablecloths mimic those I-need-that! kitchen items you stop the car for driving through the markets of Aix-en-Provence.
The Future Perfect
3085 Sacramento St., Presidio
It's about time San Francisco got a proper high-end, design-centric furniture and décor store of its very own—granted, this one's an offshoot of a Brooklyn-born, NYC-based showroom, but still. The stuff here speaks to a clean, modern aesthetic, think: Roll & Hill's geometric lighting fixtures and gemstone-hued Arflex seating. Shopping here is not cheap (a box sofa we fell in love with rang in at a cool 8k), but thankfully you can set up gift and wedding registries.