Japantown Specialty

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Sunday’s Snacks & Convenience
1522 Fillmore St., Japantown
Sunday’s Snacks & Convenience is the epitome of grab-and-go food culture. For a stupendously expensive city like San Francisco, every chicken katsu sandwich and breakfast musubi is priced affordably. There’s something for everyone—the house-cured bacon, egg, konbu, shiitake, and rice musabi is $3. In line with so many new businesses in San Francisco, Sunday’s is currently a weekend pop-up within Boba Guys Fillmore. We say currently as dozens of these newly-minted entrepreneurs are running with the wild success of their pop-ups and opening brick-and-mortars around the city. (The next pop-up location kicks off in June at the Asian Art Museum.) In the interim, we’ll be at Boba Guys on Saturdays to pick up our soy-braised pork belly sando on soft, pillowy milk bread.
Jina Bakes
1581 Webster St., Japantown
Jina Bakes got our attention with their Daeho-inspired Kalbijjim croissant, but it’s the convenience (and delight) of their weekly pastry box that sealed the deal. Other than the famous croissants, what’s included? Expect treats like matcha cream puffs, butter mochi, panna cotta, strawberry cake, and handy portable pour-over coffee sachets should you choose to work through the box on the go. Each package comes with specific storage and reheating instructions, and the goods included change regularly. Preorders open early on Sunday mornings for the following weekend (pickups and deliveries happen on Saturdays). A permanent brick-and-mortar bakery space is under renovation in Japantown .