Inner Sunset

Establishment neighborhood
1235 9th Ave., Inner Sunset
Self-described the “neighborhood Korean superette,” Queens serves up classic Korean deli food, which is surprisingly tough to find in San Francisco. Beyond ready-to-eat banchan, spicy stews, kimchi dumplings, great wine, and mung-bean pancakes, you’ll notice artisanal Korean microbrews, small-batch soju, dehydrated mushroom starter packs for at-home dashi stock, and all manner of Korean groceries. Queens works with a series of local farms (all listed on their site for transparency) to grow traditionally Korean produce and heirloom Asian vegetables for their kitchen to work with.
1226 9th Ave., Inner Sunset
Going to San Francisco and not getting a buttery, cinnamon-scented morning bun at Tartine is like going to Venice and not seeing a canal. The lines at the original flagship are legendary, but thankfully a new SF location has just opened in the Inner Sunset neighborhood. Liz Prueitt and Chad Robertson’s bread is iconic—and yes, we realize we just called bread iconic, but we stand by it. (The secret sauce is in the heritage grains and fermentation…we think.) And so breakfast of smoked salmon, pickled onions, and cream cheese smeared on a slice of crisp toast is only logical. Fill a paper bag with Tartine’s outrageously chewy chocolate cookies, flaky croissants, and light-as-air muffins for later. You won’t be sorry.
Eating Disorders Program at University of California, San Francisco
401 Parnassus Ave., Inner Sunset
UCSF offers both clinical inpatient and outpatient care for adolescents up to twenty-five years old suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. The program incorporates medical, psychiatric, and nutritional services, as well as Eating Disorder-Intensive Family Treatment. ED-IFT was created with research from UC San Diego, and it gives family members tools to help their loved ones successfully navigate the program.