Inner Richmond

Establishment neighborhood
Foggy Notion
124 Clement St., Inner Richmond
Foggy Notion is one of those cute catch-all stores that stocks the best-of-the-best when it comes to easy treats and gifts. It’s the kind of spot you want to rummage through, lest you miss the Salty Caramels tucked at the back of a shelf. The edit here skews local and we’re partial to the Mira Blackman tie-dyed socks and baby onesies for new mama gifts. Stock up on hand-crafted, letterpress stationery while you’re at it. Images courtesy of Alissa Anderson.
517 Clement St., Inner Richmond
Mamahuhu is a newish spot from Brandon Jew (of Mister Jiu’s fame), where the food revolves around the Chinese American dishes we all grew up loving and still crave. Sweet-and-sour chicken sourced from local farms, cold sesame noodles, and silky, spicy mapo tofu are all standouts. Plus, a section of the menu is devoted to frozen items like potstickers and comforting hot-and-sour soup. The Mamahuhu gang is all about sustainability and transparency—even the takeout containers are fully reusable because they know you’ll come back for more.
Burma Superstar
309 Clement St., Inner Richmond
Borrowing liberally from Indian, Chinese, and Thai cuisine, Burmese dishes are rich, flavorful, and inventive, and no one does them better than Burma Superstar. A California standby since 1992, this family-operated institution has grown to include three locations (including one in Alameda and one in Oakland). While every outpost has it’s own specialty, each menu is guaranteed to include insane noodles, soups, and tons of veggie options. Portions are massive, so order accordingly.