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Michelle Graves
30 Hotaling Pl., Financial District
What makes Michelle Graves' practice special (she does acupuncture and herbalism) is her focus on women; from prenatal to new moms to hormonal pain and imbalances, she's particularly in tune with issues that affect women specifically. Michelle learned Chinese herbalism and medicine during her graduate study in Zhejiang Province, where she studied gynecology, oncology, and women's health. Michelle also does cupping and fertility treatments.
EOS Massage
450 Sutter St., Nob Hill
Michelle Bravo is a certified holistic massage therapist (HMT) and certified aromatherapist (CAT), two skills that she expertly combines in her signature treatments, which are all trademarked to her unique EOS technique. She's celebrated for a lymphatic massage that incorporates aromatherapy. Clients also love that Michelle is a kind, intuitive sounding board and love talking to her during their treatments—for the full experience, you can book her for a lifestyle coaching session.
Yoga Tree
182 6th Ave., Richmond District
Husband-and-wife duo Tim and Tara Dale co-founded the original Yoga Tree studio in 1999, and over the years have fully refined the offering—you'll hear modern playlists just as often as traditional Indian music, and there's a range of teaching styles on the menu, including Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hatha, and more. The studio also has a robust workshop and retreat program, plus well-respected teacher training for those who want to take their practice to the next level.
ZaZen (Closed)
2219 Filbert St., Cow Hollow
ZaZen offers a number of restorative treatments at their Cow Hollow spa, including massage (from Thai and Swedish to hot stone and prenatal), yoga classes, and acupuncture (along with cupping and gua sha). Visitors somewhat familiar with any silent meditation practice are invited to to the staff's daily unguided meditations (donations of $2-$10 are suggested), and ZaZen occasionally hosts guided meditation events. The most unique offering at ZaZen, though, is probably their flotation therapy, which entails floating on your back in about a foot of warm saltwater solution, in a lightproof, almost soundproof chamber. The gravity-free idea is to reach a soothing, meditative state. Locals, take note: ZaZen has a membership program ($25/month or $200/year), which gets you 40% off ZaZen's services—not a bad deal at all.