The Valley Specialty

Establishment neighborhood
Sweet Rose Creamery
4377 Tujunga Ave., Studio City
As far as we’re concerned, Josh and Zoe Loeb can do no wrong—their adorable ice cream shop, which is a partnership with Shiho Yoshikawa (she used to work with Zoe at Tartine), only strengthens their case. Shiho picks up ingredients for her inventive flavors at the Santa Monica farmers market, and her milk and eggs are from local purveyors as well. Favorites include matcha, fig, and goat cheese, and the old-fashioned strawberry, which tastes fresh off the vine. This is LA, so there are also some dairy-free options: If that’s your vibe, definitely try the horchata. The original is at the Brentwood Country Mart, but now they have locations all over the city: Studio City, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and the Palisades.
Juice Served Here (Closed)
12186 Ventura Blvd., Studio City
In addition to being incredibly convenient for satiating juice cravings (there are locations sprouting up all over the city) this the perfect juice gateway drug for cleanse newbies: Beyond their most popular drink, Green Milk, which is like having dessert for dinner, the Charcoal Lemonade is delicious, despite the suspiciousness of drinking montmorillonite clay and activated charcoal (in contrast, the jalapeño-laced beet juice is tough to swallow). You can also add in extras to ease the process: We opted for the raw soup (a carrot-based gazpacho) and the coconut superfood bar (nice when you miss the sensation of chewing). Bonus points for the DO ME (FIRST, 02, 03, 04, 05, LAST) directions on the caps and the recent addition of lifestyle-y giftables at most outposts. There are additional locations in West Hollywood, Pasadena, Venice, Downtown, Silver Lake, Hollywood, and Santa Monica.
McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams
12073 Ventura Pl., Studio City
These purveyors of ultra-creamy ice cream got their start in Santa Barbara in 1948, and the heritage of their brand is hugely important to them. Their dairy is sourced from grass-fed cows which are raised just north of LA on the central coast, and they've been working with the same creamery since they got their start (eggs are cage-free, too). This is the kind of place where classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and the not-so-classic chocolate-covered strawberry reign supreme, and it probably goes without saying that kids can't get enough of it. You can buy this creamy goodness at many upscale grocery stores, but we prefer to have it scooped for us at either their Grand Central Market or Studio City locations.
Kreation Juicery
10115 Riverside Dr., Toluca Lake
The people behind Kreation Café, a certified green eatery specializing in dishes made from local farmers market produce, have applied the same philosophy to their juice bar. Juices are made with 100% organic fruits and veggies purchased within the same zip code. The result is deliciously fresh juice for whatever you're craving or need (detox, energy, etc.). They also have "juicemobiles" for those who can't make it to one of their brick and mortar locations (Venice, Marina del Rey, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and South Beverly Hills), and cold-pressed juices and cleanses you can order online.
Italia Bakery & Deli
11134 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills
Every town needs an old-school Italian deli, and Italia Bakery has all of the prerequisites in terms of ambience: strip mall location, hand-painted sign, Italian flag out front, and family members behind the counter. While the classic Italian sandwich is great, the best order here is actually the prosciutto sandwich—it comes on a soft roll, basically overflowing with delicate, thinly-sliced meat and an incredibly soft, creamy mozzarella. This is also an amazing source for cold-cuts if you’d prefer to make the sandwiches at home yourself.
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