Santa Monica

Establishment neighborhood
1511 Montana Ave., Santa Monica CA, 90403
The most beloved gluten-free bakery of LA’s farmers’ market scene, Breadblok, now has a brick-and-mortar location in Santa Monica. Both the space and menu feel very Cali–meets–the South of France, with classic French patisserie and boulangerie fare like sourdough boules, croissants, and brioche doughnuts—all completely free of gluten, gums, soy, and refined sugar. And you can trust that you’re not sacrificing any flavor either—owner Chloé Charlier’s family has been gluten-free for three generations, so she knows what she’s doing. Another thing that adds to her bread-cred: she’s originally from Provence, home to some of the world’s most delicious breads. You can enjoy the baked goods or a full breakfast and lunch menu along with a variety of coffees and teas. If you can’t make it to LA, you can still order their bread online: They’re currently shipping nationwide.
Big & Tiny
1731 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica
This education and creative childcare center has always been ahead of the curve: The Santa Monica and Silver Lake locations offer parents a place to work while kids take classes, engage with educators and other kids, and have a blast while they’re at it. Both locations have summer programs up and running. There’s baby bootcamp for infants from three to thirty-six months, and summer camp for three- to six-year-olds with enhanced safety measures firmly in place. Kids can spend half days or full days with the same group, exploring yoga, music, creative arts, dance, group discussion, and the outdoors. The coworking space is open, so parents can stay, work, and peek in on little ones at play. And for parents who prefer in-home education (and some alone time), the Big & Tiny team will bring STEM-focused activities and a customized curriculum to you or your quaranteam.
1026 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica
Belcampo has, in the last few years, skyrocketed to become the go-to purveyor of humanely raised sustainable meats and poultry in California. And despite the current circumstances, its mission hasn’t changed. Order exquisite cuts of beef and pork, load up on the now-iconic bone broth, or explore the offal and bones section to dabble in making your own broth. For those who are new to the kitchen, a word from us: Even the most culinary-averse can’t mess up roasting a chicken (insert goop recipe), so start there. Order for curbside pickup (at all three LA locations) or delivery via the Belcampo site or download the handy app.
Citizen Sprout
1128 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica
Jennifer Jewett makes the chore of preparing meals obsolete. Jewett—the founder and executive chef of Citizen Sprout and a mama herself—and her team whip up fresh, inventive, healthy lunches and dinners from scratch for kids and adults every day. They make it easy: You can drop by their bright Santa Monica location for ready-made salads, smoothies, soups, bowls, and the like, or you can order ahead online. (The Buffalo Cauliflower Salad and the Braised Chicken and Spinach Meatballs are goop-staffer favorites for lunch or an easy weeknight dinner.) Jewett also delivers to select schools throughout Los Angeles, offering littles a rotating, seasonal menu of lunches made with hormone- and antibiotic-free proteins and local and organic produce.
Cassia Rice & Noodle Kitchen
1314 7th St., Santa Monica
Cassia’s chef Bryant Ng and his wife and partner, Kim Luu-Ng, are at it again, but this time with a new rice and noodle concept—or as they like to say, a kitchen within a kitchen—exclusively for delivery and takeout. It’s run by the same culinary team as Cassia and uses the same high-quality ingredients we’ve come to except and love, but the Rice & Noodle Kitchen churns out dishes—as the name suggests—that revolve around rice and noodles. If you’re a meat eater, don’t miss the grilled BBQ pork rice, where the pickled Chinese cabbage and jasmine rice balance the rich and spicy pork to delicious results. And if you’re looking for a filling vegetarian-friendly option, the spicy dry noodles should be first in your cart. Everything is made to travel well (during R&D, Bryant let dishes sit out for hours just to make sure) and comes at delivery-friendly prices.
Proper Hotel
700 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica
We heard rumors of designer Kelly Wearstler’s lofty goals for the interiors of the Santa Monica Proper, the new hotel from her and Proper Hospitality, the hotel brand led by Wearstler's developer husband Brad Korzen and his founding partners. But nothing hinted at how stunning it would be. Wearstler has designed a breezy, maritime-inspired space that transports you to a seaside villa the moment you walk in. She outfitted the lobby with elements that speak to the coast (a carved front desk that echoes the shape of a seashell, art backed with sand, flooring that gives a bird’s-eye view of a beach umbrella) and married those with bold, eclectic accents (giant archways in Douglas fir and marble and gorgeous ’70s art) that only Wearstler could pull off. The greatest feat here is the synergy between the hotel's two buildings: One is brand-new and sculptural; the other dates back to the 1920s and boasts a vintage patina with gorgeous original iron-clad windows. The aesthetic of the guest rooms varies depending on the building but are all anchored by gorgeous elements—glossy tiles, giant tufted headboards that look like the sunset, bespoke…
Altus Health
1934 14th St., Santa Monica
If you didn’t know it was there (right off Pico), you could entirely miss Altus. It’s less a gym and more a healthy-lifestyle community hub that comes with trainers, chiropractors, alignment experts, massage therapists, and more. They take it seriously: Altus requires a membership, so you need to commit. Once you’re signed up, expect a full-body assessment followed by a thorough exploration of your goals and how to achieve them. Far from being terrifying, Altus adopts more of an old-school, hand-holding approach. They don’t want long-term members: Once you’ve gotten to where you personally want to be health-wise, you’re set free.
Breedlove Beauty Lab
1728 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica
Infrared saunas are an incredible way to get a great sweat. At Breedlove Beauty Lab, each sauna is customizable, so you are in complete control of your experience. We love sweating it out in the Sunlighten 3-in-1 mPulse infrared saunas, and Breedlove has three of these. There is also chromotherapy—or light therapy—which draws on the hypothesis that color affects how we feel. Before you leave, check out the bright and airy apothecary—it stocks plenty of aromatherapy, beauty, and wellness products.
1030C Montana Ave., Santa Monica
This is a one-stop shop for healing—whether you are in the market for Reiki, craniosacral bodywork, or even just taking a group napping class. Amanda, co-founder and Reiki Master will meet you where you are in journey of self-exploration. Jenny is an amazing bodywork practitioner focusing on craniosacral therapy. And, it’s never too early to learn to take care of yourself—Cocoon has Body Care for Newborns class as well Self Care for Girls (so your daughter can come). Nourish your soul, evolve and transform in this beautiful environment.
1445 4th St., Santa Monica
It’s billed as a cross between France, Italy, and Morocco, which, granted, is hard to envision. Until you get there. It’s the only place we’ve ever seen bucatini amatriciana on a menu alongside ratatouille with Provençal roasted vegetables, which is next to baba ghanoush with pita and pomegranate. But somehow, impossibly, it all works. Exposed-brick walls, bistro tables, a lively atmosphere, and really flattering lighting obviously don’t hurt. But for the times that you just can’t stomach another avocado toast in this neighborhood, Massilia is just the place.
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