Santa Monica Health & Beauty

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Andi Scarbrough
2821 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica
Sure she can give you a haircut and highlights, but Andi Scarbrough's real gift is in her energy work, specifically a combination of intuition, Reiki, and hands-on healing which is part of her Crown Works treatment. In short, she sits you in her chair for a chat (here she explains why hair stylists are uniquely prepared for energy work), hands you a crystal, and then uses her hands, essential oils, tuning forks, and a special rose quartz comb to shift your mood. The treatment is subtle, but magical, and worth it even if you're not in the mood for a cut.
1755 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica
Just around the corner from Shutters on Ocean Ave., this boxing studio is anything but traditional—in fact, everything here is aesthetically pleasing, if not rather tranquil—from the floor-to-ceiling windows in the entryway to the light blonde wood throughout. The high-energy classes—set to the some seriously good hip-hop anthems—are designed to put a boxing novice at ease, although you’ll notice classes are filled with people who box like seasoned pros, too. If you can, sign up for a class with Deja Riley, who is seriously #goals.
808 11th St., Santa Monica
StretchLab was founded on a novel idea that’s also somewhat of a no-brainer: stretching is really good for you, assisted stretching is even better, and you shouldn’t have to book a physical therapist to make it happen. Here, the lab’s talented “flexologists” (a team comprised of personal trainers, massage therapists, and yoga instructors) stretch you while you lie on a raised platform, and getting a routine personalized stretch before or after a workout—or anytime, really—is super convenient and simple. You can opt for sessions that last anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour; monthly packages and memberships are available, too. They have two additional locations: the original on Rose, and another on Beverly.
Shape House
1003 Broadway, Santa Monica
Also known as the sweat lodge, this spot, which boasts a pretty major Hollywood following, is exactly that. Equipped with small, cozy rooms where you get into an infrared bed, the idea is that you sweat it out for 60 minutes at a time, while you watch TV, read, or listen to music. People tend to sign up for memberships and come several times a month (or week) and complement the sessions with lymphatic drainage, which is meant to boost the detox process.
The Now
2407 Main St., Santa Monica
By way of a serene neutral interior—complete with cactus plants and lots of driftwood—this massage spa aims to re-create a little piece of Tulum in the center of Los Angeles. It's also open until 10 p.m., catering to a crowd that can’t always break away during the day for some spa time. The best part, however, is the pricing: $35 gets you a twenty-five-minute massage ($85 for eighty-five minutes). While you can book an appointment through the site or app, the spa also allow walk-ins. The original location is in West Hollywood; two others are in Santa Monica and Studio City.
Sugaring LA
1304 Montana Ave., Santa Monica
Anyone who’s ever had a not-so-awesome reaction to a traditional bikini wax will tell you that a gentler alternative has been a long time coming. Sugaring—which at this Montana Avenue studio is performed by trained specialists in a welcoming, light-filled space—calls on an organic sugar, lemon, and water paste to pull hair out in the natural direction of its growth—meaning significantly less pain, irritation, and ingrown hairs. The treatment can be safely applied to virtually any part of the body and somehow manages to thin out the hair over time.
Shin Salon
1025 Montana Ave., Santa Monica
It’s been five years since Shin An relocated her thriving business from NYC to LA and her famously precise dry-cuts are as in-demand as ever. Shin and her crew of incredibly skilled stylists and colorists work out of a discreet little bungalow on Montana Avenue and offer a range of services that goes beyond the expected cut-and-color. The purifying scalp treatment, for example, simultaneously soothes dryness and smoothes frizz. Don't worry if you can’t get in with Shin herself, her staff are all exceptional.