Pasadena Kids

Establishment neighborhood
480 N. Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena
COVID-19 update: Classes at the Kidspace property are suspended but the virtual roster is excellent. While the physical Kidspace property is closed due to current restrictions, the seriously robust online offering makes this temporary loss easier to handle. Kidspace-at-Home has a full online roster of creative programming tailored around arts-and-crafts, science, and animals for all age groups. The art projects are especially well conceived and involve the bits and pieces you probably already have at home: painting rocks from the garden, making rainbow popsicles to slurp outside, even homemade slime (parents, don’t panic—it’s an easy-to-contain mix of corn starch, dish soap, water, and food coloring). COVID-19 disclaimer: We are working hard to keep our listings as up to date as possible (deliveries, outdoor dining, etc.), but given the evolving nature of local COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend double-checking the information in this guide with any business you plan on visiting. Also, please note that we have not vetted any businesses listed within our guides for their compliance with applicable safety regulations.