Establishment neighborhood
Stir Crazy
6903 Melrose Ave., Hollywood
Stir Crazy feels like the European bistro we fantasize about when we really need a vacation: the kind of buzzy, intimate space that reminds you how good it is to dine out. In lieu of silver buckets, wine is chilled tableside in six-quart Cambro plastic tubs, which feels casual and cool. And don’t be surprised if your tablescape starts to resemble a Dutch still-life: a bounty of tear-as-you-go loaf of bread, marinated tomatoes, olive and Hamachi crudo, and whatever you ordered off the seasonal menu.
Hollywood Roosevelt Drive-In Theater
7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood
A rooftop with expansive views over the Los Angeles cityscape is iconic, pandemic or no pandemic. And now, with limited social options, a movie night in the coziness of your own car atop a storied hotel rooftop feels like the glamorous vacation we all need. The Hollywood Roosevelt has put a great deal of thought into its drive-in experience—it feels safe and super fun. Order snacks from a retro Airstream, sit back, and enjoy the movie.
Kismet Rotisserie
4666 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood
We came for the blistered rotisserie chicken, but it’s Kismet’s vegetables that converted us into regulars. The shredded carrots, cabbage doused in tangy yogurt dressing, turmeric-and-barberry-roasted cauliflower are standouts, and no order is complete without a dollop of fennel tzatziki and extra pita. If you’re all out of ideas for lunch for the kiddos in your life, the children’s plate of chicken, pita, veggies, and hummus is a solid option that’s as tasty as it is healthy. Place your order online an hour before you plan to pickup.
L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele Drive-In Movie Night
1534 N McCadden Pl., Hollywood
The LA edition of the most famous pizzeria in Naples and, arguably the world (courtesy of Eat Pray Love), may be a little glitzier than the original, but the pizza is just as transcendent. Nowadays, Antica Pizzeria da Michele is taking Neapolitan hospitality one step further with a drive-in dinner-and-a-movie experience Thursday through Sunday at 9 p.m. Date night or really any nighttime experience that isn’t dinner-on-the-sofa feels super special, and this one is entirely worth it. Order a proper pizza in the comfort of your car and settle in for a (safe, socially distant) night at the movies.
Kismet Goods
4648 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood
Kismet is one of the most refreshing restaurants in Los Angeles, not because the Mediterranean food naturally leans healthy but because it’s not trying to be healthy. Sommelier Kae Whalen curates the wine list. And while you don’t know what you’re getting in advance (embrace the unknown!), breathe easy in the knowledge that, like Kismet’s light, bright Mediterranean-leaning food, the wines are best-in-class and reasonably priced. Order via Caviar for at-home delivery.
Domaine LA
6801 Melrose Ave., Hollywood
With a heavy focus on natural and low-intervention bottles, Domaine LA is one of the city’s most revered wine shops—and now it’s delivering. We like to pick up the phone, roughly describe our preferences and budget, and savor the selection pulled together for us. You can, of course, specify specific bottles or stick to that drinkable Montepulciano you’ve been pouring since 2008, but trusting the selection to the more-than-capable Domaine staffers feels like having your own personal sommelier.
L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele
1534 N McCadden Pl., Hollywood
If you haven’t read Eat, Pray, Love here’s a brief recap: L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. In addition to a life’s journey, a transcontinental catharsis, and so much more, writer Elizabeth Gilbert goes to Naples and eats at da Michele. In no time, the rest of the world falls in love with this place—a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria that basically serves only pizza with cheese, pizza with no cheese, and pizza with extra cheese. For argument’s sake (and also because it’s true), let’s agree that this really is the best pizza in the world. So imagine the thrill that ran through goop HQ when they decided to open their first US outpost in Los Angeles. The first da Michele in America is a galaxy away from the hole-in-the-wall in Naples: There’s an elegant wood patio, luxuriously long bar, and a dining room with greenery, high ceilings, a fireplace, and a polished crowd. The menu is rounded out with Italian appetizer all-stars (we’d suggest the fiori di zucca), the freshest pastas imaginable (we’d suggest the linguine with olives, capers, and tomatoes), and all manner of pizzas (we’d suggest them all). You could eat…