Hollywood Bars & Nightlife

Establishment neighborhood
Stir Crazy
6903 Melrose Ave., Hollywood
Stir Crazy feels like the European bistro we fantasize about when we really need a vacation: the kind of buzzy, intimate space that reminds you how good it is to dine out. In lieu of silver buckets, wine is chilled tableside in six-quart Cambro plastic tubs, which feels casual and cool. And don’t be surprised if your tablescape starts to resemble a Dutch still-life: a bounty of tear-as-you-go loaf of bread, marinated tomatoes, olive and Hamachi crudo, and whatever you ordered off the seasonal menu.
Tabula Rasa
5125 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood
It’s not often a neighborhood bar checks off everything you want in a neighborhood bar. But Tabula Rasa does exactly that (if you’re lucky enough to live in the neighborhood). Far from a blank slate, Tabula Rasa is a friendly wine bar with a fantastic wine list (a mix of both natural wines and classics) and rotating roster of food pop-ups—whether it’s wood-fired pizza or lobster rolls or Japanese fried chicken—all served on the patio. The owners are Bestia alums, so it’s no surprise that the food and wine here are as good as it gets.
La Descarga
1159 N. Western Ave., Hollywood
At this Cuban rum bar, you walk through a fake closet into a cool, bi-level speakeasy. Even if you wouldn't normally order it, rum is the best choice here as they have many small-batch, esoteric varities, which are great on their own or mixed into one of the very well-made cocktails (complete with hand-carved ice). Be warned that this is one of the few places in LA that's still cigar-friendly. There's great music that you'll want to move to, including salsa and live jazz.