Hancock Park Shops

Establishment neighborhood
The Nanz Company Los Angeles Showroom
318 N. La Brea Ave., Hancock Park
Based in New York with showrooms around the country, Nanz works closely with architects and designers to get their custom work just right, providing pretty much any custom hardware you can think of for your project. Highly professional—and armed with great aesthetics—we’d recommend them, and their work, for any restoration need. They also have a massive online catalog, which is an excellent tool if you’re looking for ideas. The office is in Midtown and we also love the appointment-only showroom in Soho.
Undefeated La Brea
111 S. La Brea Ave., Hancock Park
The limited edition sneaker world is a strange one (long, break of dawn lines, huge markups on eBay), but while Undefeated gets plenty of notable exclusives from brands like Nike, you don't feel like you've stepped into another (albeit intimidating) world when you shop here. Most of the shoes are for men though there's a healthy selection of women's options and the kid collection is pretty adorable, too. There are secondary locations in Santa Monica and Silver Lake, too.
General Quarters
153 S. La Brea Ave., Hancock Park
Shopping for dudes can be risky business, though in our experience, the house line of basic tees and pants at this handsomely turned out men’s shop has a pretty stellar success rate. The vibe here is all about California cool, and the walls of vintage photography and retro memorabilia express that aesthetic perfectly. And if the racks of essential from Filson, Red Wing, and Rogue Territory, plus the tables of subtle, well-designed accessories and home goods aren’t enough of a draw, there’s a classic barbershop in the back where barber, Chrissy Phelan, performs her famously precise cuts.
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