Downtown Health & Beauty

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The Main Barre
560 S Main St., Downtown
This simple, spacious dance and barre studio is in an iconic old building downtown. There's exposed brick and huge windows that let in tons of light—and give a good view of downtown—as you work out. But the main draw is owner Audra Skaates. A dancer, boxer, and professional athlete, Skaates has been empowering clients through dance and movement for more than two decades. She’s so incredibly fun to be around. And she makes you feel confident—even when you’re mid-plank during one of her workouts. This is an inclusive, empowering place to feel your best.
Los Angeles Yoga Club
1206 Maple Ave., Downtown
The Los Angeles Yoga Club is a traditional Ashtanga yoga school that follows the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (an Indian yogi and Sanskrit scholar who’s credited with bringing Ashtanga into the mainstream). A sister school to Eddie Stern’s Brooklyn Yoga Club, the aim is to assist students in the development of their personal practice, with the disclaimer that it’s within a class setting. This sounds unusual, but it works in the sense that yogis take the asanas at their own speed, and the focus is on personal form and ability rather than keeping up with everyone else. This type of self-practice has all—or at least most—of the benefits of a one-to-one class minus the price tag.
HotBox Infrared Sauna Studio
835 S. Hill St., Downtown
The first thing you'll notice when you walk into this sauna studio is how spotless it is. Impeccable, in fact. That can be said of the décor, as well: A streamlined, all-white aesthetic reigns—up until you enter one of the sauna suites. Here, you can choose to cast a colored light based on your mood (we chose orange for its mood-elevating, stimulating, feel-good effect) during your sweat. Then you sit back and do just that—sweat—for forty-five minutes. Each suite comes with an iPod and a vitamin C–infused rain shower. Given the potential benefits of using an infrared sauna, there are plenty of reasons to come here. But what keeps us hooked is simple: We always leave feeling calmer, clearer, and just all-around better. (An added perk: HotBox just started carrying goopglow.)