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This waitlist-only service has a loyal following, and it’s easy to see why: The menu is full of cleaned-up comfort foods, like vegan eggplant caponata made with basil pesto, broccolini, and pistachio parmesan, or Spanish chickpea paella. (Their desserts are amazing, too, with matcha chocolate collagen balls and paleo dark chocolate brownies with avocado frosting on the menu.) You can mix and match your proteins and sides, and arrange for portions to be big enough for two servings. Meals arrive in glass jars, which travel well, and they'll pick up for easy reuse. Delivery is available in central and West LA, as well as much of the Bay Area.
Kore Kitchen
We’ve been fans of Kore for years—you can test their Berry Mint Kiss smoothie recipe here, which was part of one of our annual detoxes. Their delivery service is everything you’d hope: vegan or sustainable meat options made with local and seasonal produce, all free of gluten, dairy, and processed ingredients. Their signature Kore Cleanse is whole-food based and filling, with each day’s menu incorporating a superfood smoothie and snack, vegan salad, vegetable soup, and evening teas. As an added bonus, you can upgrade any plan to include bone broth from Brothee.
Angie Banicki
While you'll frequently find Angie on the Hollywood party circuit—she can do lightning readings of 5-10 minutes making her great for events—she also does more intensive one-on-one Tarot sessions. Using a variety of decks and a deep understanding of numerology, Angie can tap into bigger questions around purpose, career, and love to furnish guidance and direction. Her cards are spot-on, and even when she asks, and asks again, they don't tend to deviate in their message. A former PR/marketing exec, Angie herself is light and bubbly, which means that even harder readings are served up gently.
Tyler Henry
While Tyler Henry is typically out filming his show, The Hollywood Medium, when he's not on set, he's doing private readings for those in grief who want to connect with loved ones on the other side (the waitlist is admittedly long). He read for Dr. Alejandro Junger at goop HQ (you can watch the interview here), who was floored by his accuracy. The show offers a great, though edited, overview of mediumship readings, and he now has a book that explains how he came to be where he is, called Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side.
Morgan Yakus
Morgan Yakus' first career was in fashion (she co-owned the NYC boutique No. 6, the creator of the downtown ubiquitous clog boot), until she felt a strong pull to explore hypnosis. While most of her practice revolves around inducing the brain into a theta state (not fully under) to help influence and re-train the brain around blocks, anxiety points, and obsessions, she also trained (and is certified) in past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss, the author of Many Lives Many Masters. She helps clients with everything from insomnia and weight loss to stress, trust, and intuition opening. She operates out of both New York and Los Angeles.
Stacey Justis
[email protected]
Refreshingly laid-back and smart, Stacey Justis is equal parts straight-up psychic and intuitive life coach, which means that she can offer advice on finding your highest path and fulfilling your purpose, as well as answering those burning questions about dating, love, and work. She typically reads over the phone, though is officially based in Los Angeles. Besides her intuitive work, she is a hypnotist who does past-life regression, and she also does reiki. So ultimately, she's a one-stop spiritual shop.
Tracy Lee Nash
Tracy Lee Nash is a Windbridge Institute medium, which means that she's one of only a handful of research mediums in the country. But that said, we actually love her for intuitive readings, as she has a beautiful way of accessing and interpreting the aura, i.e., the way you hold and view yourself, and challenges you might be encountering. Her messages from the other side are more subtle—fewer names and numbers (i.e., evidential mediumship) and more nuances of emotion and relationship, which means that she's best for more experienced sitters rather than skeptics.
Colleen McCann
[email protected]
Colleen, a former fashion stylist turned certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner (her appreciation for beautiful things is immediately apparent when you see her at work with crystals), conducts sessions on both coasts, dividing her time between NYC and LA. A session might include everything from stones to Tarot to reiki, but the end result is a life coaching session from someone who can intuitively sense everything that's at play. What’s great about Colleen is the seamless way she blends the practical with the mystical—so Reiki virgins need not be intimidated. She also does more out-of-the-book sessions like deep closet purging and intuitive business building.
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