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This waitlist-only service has a loyal following, and it’s easy to see why: The menu is full of cleaned-up comfort foods, like vegan eggplant caponata made with basil pesto, broccolini, and pistachio parmesan, or Spanish chickpea paella. (Their desserts are amazing, too, with matcha chocolate collagen balls and paleo dark chocolate brownies with avocado frosting on the menu.) You can mix and match your proteins and sides, and arrange for portions to be big enough for two servings. Meals arrive in glass jars, which travel well, and they'll pick up for easy reuse. Delivery is available in central and West LA, as well as much of the Bay Area.
Kore Kitchen
We’ve been fans of Kore for years—you can test their Berry Mint Kiss smoothie recipe here, which was part of one of our annual detoxes. Their delivery service is everything you’d hope: vegan or sustainable meat options made with local and seasonal produce, all free of gluten, dairy, and processed ingredients. Their signature Kore Cleanse is whole-food based and filling, with each day’s menu incorporating a superfood smoothie and snack, vegan salad, vegetable soup, and evening teas. As an added bonus, you can upgrade any plan to include bone broth from Brothee.
Cousin’s Maine Lobster
Founded by actual cousins Jim and Sabin, who both come from Maine but now live full-time in Los Angeles. The organization has expanded in big ways since the early days, now boasting trucks in more than 10 cities, a brick-and-mortar on Santa Monica, and mail-order lobster feasts available through their website. That said, the LA trucks are the originals. Lobster is shipped in fresh from Maine, and rolls are served both warm and cold (we actually like them equally—it kind of depends on your mood and taste).
Guerrilla Tacos
With a location rotation that includes all of the city's best coffee shops (Alfred, Blue Bottle, Dinosar, and more), Guerrilla is widely considered to be one of the best trucks in LA, no matter who you ask. Chef Wes Avila's approach brings the complex flavor profiles he honed at restaurants like L'Auberge and Le Comptoir to the humble taco. The menu changes seasonally, and Avila bases his recipes on whatever's at the farmers' market, but the sweet potato taco (he was kind enough to share the recipe with us after our Road to Table event in LA) is always on the menu—for good reason. Make sure you have at least one on your ticket.
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