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Dr. Nigma Talib
Private clinic, email [email protected] for appointment
Legendary naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib approaches the skin through the gut, the mind, and some superstar clean skin essentials (we’re obsessed, more on those later). She’s starred on an episode of The goop Lab, and appeared in person at In goop Health. A session with her can start with face mapping, where she takes a long look at your skin to discover what’s happening within (dairy-, wine-, and sugar-face are all common diagnoses), along with blood tests, stool samples, and a deep but gentle line of questioning to get at underlying issues before she works her magic. What follows is customized to your skin and body: radiofrequency, bespoke peels, LED, oxygen-infused antioxidants, vitamin or peptide infusions, and more. You’ll walk out of the treatment room looking fresh and renewed, but note that these are no ordinary facials or one-off treatments. Talib gives each of her patients “homework”—lifestyle and dietary changes to make and maintain for long-term healthy, beautiful skin. (If you can't see her in person, you can also follow her tips on Instagram.)
Angela Caglia Skin Spa
Private Beverly Hills location, email [email protected] for appointment
This serene French-inspired oasis is tucked away in Beverly Hills. Caglia herself has over twenty years of experience and a touch that’s both soothing and assertive, and she customizes her facial to suit any concern. Microphoto treatment tightens pores, radiofrequency lifts, peels help tone and soften discoloration, and a massage with a rose quartz roller helps drive in Caglia’s beautiful botanical infusions. You amble out completely rejuvenated.
Skin Worship
9001 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills
We go here for gua sha treatments (an ancient massage technique in which a rose quartz tool is smoothed across the face for brightening, smoothing effects), microneedling, facial cupping, microdermabrasion, and more. The mother of all treatments, though, is the Transformational Facial Ceremony, 90 minutes of skin-energizing, pore-refining, high-vibrational bliss. You start off lying on a healing infrared-heated BioMat embedded with amethyst crystals. Then comes a triple microexfoliation session, followed by LED light therapy, nourishing serums, and ointments galore, topped off with a thirty-minute chakra healing treatment.
Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic
9975 S. Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills
Legendary aesthetician Sonya Dakar’s famously firm touch (she uses more than a little elbow grease) is in full force at her gorgeous five-story clinic. Her team of aestheticians are masters at restoring balance to even the most finicky complexions with a menu of phytic acid peels (derived from legumes, phytic acid is packed with antioxidants), healing infrared therapies, and more. The Total Lift facial is especially fantastic: Radiofrequency heats collagen fibers for an awesome tightening effect. Post-facial, there’s nothing better than hanging out on the clinic’s roof deck overlooking Beverly Hills while sipping one of the protein smoothies.
Kát Rudu Beauty Beverly Hills
436 N Roxbury Dr., Ste PH, Beverly Hills
Even one trip to skin guru Kát Rudu’s sleek Venice studio can change your skin. (The gorgeous Rudu, with her impossibly poreless complexion, is her own best advertisement.) Combining the purest healing botanical ingredients—soothing chamomile extracts, brightening papaya enzymes, hydrating aloe—with corrective modalities like CO2 lasers, microneedling, and radiofrequency, the facials here are deep and utterly transformative.
Nuurvana (Closed)
Four Seasons Hotel, 300 S. Doheny Dr., Beverly Hills
Not your run-of-the-mill intuitive, certified herbalist Deganit Nuur uses acupuncture, essential oils, and cupping to open the meridians before every reading, which means that sessions are restorative on multiple levels. Her readings are spot-on—and you might not see it coming. Nuur’s personality is so easygoing and bubbly, it at first feels like you’re settling in for a light chat. But when she starts channeling, it’s ka-pow. These days, it's easier to book Nuur for a virtual session than in-person, but if you're regularly in NYC or in LA, a session with Nuur at either of her Four Seasons' practices is life-changing.
9278 Civic Center Dr., Beverly Hills
It can take years of trial and error to find a go-to spot for cuts, facials, brows, and makeup, so finding a salon that offers all four is kind of like hitting the beauty jackpot. Striiike in Beverly Hills is owned by a trio of sisters—Kristie, Ashley, and Jenn Streicher. Each has a specific beauty talent: Kristie (aka The Eyebrow Whisperer) has a cult following thanks to her famous feathered-brow technique, Ashley is a hairstyling genius, and Jenn is an incredible makeup artist. Striiike is also one of the best under-the-radar spots for facials, thanks to resident aesthetician Melanie Simon. Her two-hour Physics Facial tones and repairs skin with low-frequency electric current and sleight of hand that leaves you unfathomably radiant for days afterward. In a rush? The fifteen-minute Lightning Striiike brings all three sisters together for a quickie mini makeover.
Tomoko Spa
141 S. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills
Tomoko in Beverly Hills is a transformative experience from the moment you walk through the door, where it’s likely Tomoko herself who will hand you a pair of slippers before leading you into the traditionally minimalist, Japanese-style pretreatment relaxation area for tea, the first of many pots they’ll brew for you. There’s no communal changing area or locker rooms, as each of the four treatment rooms is set up with all the amenities of a luxury hotel room (shower, closet, bath, vanity, etc.). A single treatment can take up to four hours with all the trimmings—starting with a foot soak and reflexology massage and ending with post-massage herbal tea and mochi ice cream. Photo credits: Tessa Neustadt; @beverlyhoodrich, @kylewaldrop