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GST Body
7562 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood
If you’re typically sore after workouts—and wished they involved more stretching—this is the studio for you. Totally devoted to optimizing the health of your fascia, GST founder Anna Rahe and instructor Stefanie Bernhard lead classes that range from cardio-focused to sculpt to hourlong sessions designed to increase flexibility and range of motion. They all feel like you’re giving yourself a full-body massage. You can book one-on-one sessions with Rahe, too, which are great for an initial assessment and game plan.
Hayley Woods
Beachwood Canyon, Los Feliz
Hayley Woods is not a facialist. To be clear, Woods does facials—and exceptional ones at that—but she prefers the title therapeutic skin coach. To be clear, a treatment with Woods is as much a holistic body assessment as it is a facial treatment, thanks to her knowledge of the gut and how an imbalanced one can manifest as a blemish. Woods is also a licensed reiki practitioner, facial reflexologist, and of course, aesthetician—and the combination of all of the above leads to some unique treatments. (There are many to choose from but we recommend the Sonage facial.) Woods's touch is so gentle and so light that one goop staffer actually fell asleep during the extractions. Extractions! All of this dermalogical magic happens within the cozy living room of the non-toxic specialist’s Beechwood Canyon house.
606 Westmount Dr., West Hollywood
Good Ayurveda spots are a rarity, and the newly opened Veda in West Hollywood tops the list. Their approach centers around the ancient healing modalities of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in space that evokes a modern and organic aesthetic. Appointments start with an in-depth consultation for Veda’s experienced practitioners to assess what treatment will best serve you. We loved experiencing Shirodhara—streams of warm oil pour onto the portion of the forehead known as the “third eye”, which is said to help stimulate an overall sense of calm. Conveniently there are post-treatment showers in the back, but, we like to keep the oil on for an added nourishing dose of calming aromatherapy.
Body by Nonna
8981 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood
A one-time Olympic hopeful for the Ukranian gymnastics team, Nonna Gleyzer has an innate understand of how to stretch the human body to the limits of its potential. She’s also part of a long lineage of Kabbalistic Rabbis, so she understands some of the more nebulous stuff, too. While she can certainly work you out on a Cadillac (and does so with many of Hollywood’s leading ladies and men), you really go to Nonna for her capacity to immediately identify areas that are unbalanced and out-of-harmony, whether it’s postural or emotional (or both), and then set them right. She is a rare talent. While she has an unassuming studio in West Hollywood, she also occasionally does house calls.
Rejuvenate with Nousha
726 Superba Ave., Venice
In a small white-washed bungalow on a leafy stretch of Venice, Noucha Salimi, a registered nurse, specializes in what she refers to as facial rejuvenation. While she’s able to administer Botox and Juvederm, it’s her wholly transformative reiki facials that keep us coming back. Here’s how it works: an hourlong session begins with a short facial massage and dermaplaning (to exfoliate dead skin cells) and then applies a concentrated face mask. While the mask is on, she’ll do a reiki meditation applying a gentle touch and doing light energy work to identify and help release tension. By appointment only.
Heyday Los Angeles
7228 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood
New York transplants rejoiced when the first West Coast location of Heyday, a skincare spot that specializes in personalized facials, opened its doors on Beverly Boulevard, not too far from the Grove. For the uninitiated, here's how it works: You choose the duration of your treatment (thirty, fifty, or seventy-five minutes) and set your goals with your skin therapist. Every treatment comes with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, custom mask, and hydration, then ends with SPF protection (the fifty- and seventy-five-minute options also have extractions). Upgrades include peels, microdermabrasion, and light therapy, and if you need monthly treatments, there's a membership program. Upon checkout, there's a small apothecary stocked with goop favorites like Herbivore Botanicals and Ursa Major. After your treatment, your skin therapist will send you a recap email, which includes a 30-day skincare plan, plus product recommendations. Bonus: Appointments are available until 9 p.m., making an after-work facial doable—and they've got free parking out front, which is clutch in this part of town.
3250 W. Olympic Blvd., Koreatown
A shop well known for its customer service (ask for Irene—she's a K-town legend), Amore is freehanded with the samples, which is both fun and necessary, as the product choices are almost endless. Take full advantage of the staff’s extensive knowledge of the hundreds of serums, masks, creams, and cleansers lining the shelves. They will closely assess your skin before diving into the recommendations. Aside from getting the correct advice for your skin type, listening to the Amore staffers describe the products—and their intimate knowledge of those hyaluronic-acid-heavy snail secretions—is like receiving an intense K-beauty tutorial.
Crystal Spa
3500 W. 6th St., Koreatown
The thought of someone walking on your back as you lie facedown on the ground may not sound like fun, but once you’ve tried it here (and experienced the subsequent tension relief), it’s hard not to get addicted. Both the communal and private spaces are beautifully turned out, with staff giving full tours—and etiquette advice—for first-timers. After a rigorous body scrub where no patch of skin is left unbuffed, go for the intensely hydrating algae-and-green-tea body wrap. It’s rarely crowded here, which is a godsend for those looking to spend a full, uninterrupted afternoon or evening unwinding.
928 S. Western Ave., Koreatown
Aritaum is a K-Town beauty mecca. High-end Korean beauty brands that can be difficult to find elsewhere (like Sulwhasoo, Mamonde, and Hanyul) are plentiful at this cosmetics and skin-care store, with their fun, kitschy packaging and unusual ingredients, like snail secretions. It also stocks a big supply of sheet masks, including a popular rubber version from Dr. Jart+ that may look vaguely horror-movie-ish when you put it on but does a good job at reducing blemishes.
Face Haus Santa Monica
1426 Montana Ave., Santa Monica
The idea and execution here are brilliant: Face Haus is a facial bar with treatment chairs spaced evenly apart in one huge, airy room. The therapies are excellent and varied, ranging from peels and eye-area pampering add-ons to more intense sessions that include LED light and microdermabrasion. Renowned Beverly Hills–based dermatologist Harold Lancer is the consulting physician, so you can rest assured your face is in great hands. Bonus: You can rent out the whole place for private bridal and baby shower facial parties. (The OG location is in West Hollywood.)
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