Sedona Shops

Establishment neighborhood
Page Spring Cellars
1500 N. Page Springs Rd., Sedona
About twenty minutes outside of Sedona is one of the most remarkable sights around: Arizona wine country. Known as Verde Valley, this unlikely wine terroir is rocky, full of clay, well over 3,000 feet in altitude, and increasingly considered a wine region of note. One of the first wineries in the region was Page Spring Cellars, which opened in 2004. It produces several varietals of red, white, and rosé—and is deeply committed to sustainable practices. These are clearly essential to the ethos of the winery, which also has a bistro café on-site and offers yoga and massage treatments. Bring a blanket and a picnic lunch, hit the tasting room, and buy the bottle you want to have with your picnic (plus a few more to bring home). The grounds are lovely, and exploring them is highly encouraged.
Garland’s Indian Jewelry
3953 AZ-89A, Sedona
The minute you step off the plane, you will see turquoise jewelry everywhere you look—it’s built into the history of this city. Ignore every vendor, every lobby shop, every ad you see and head straight to Garland’s. This is hands down the best spot for a wide selection traditional Native American jewelry—Zuni, Navajo, Kewa Pueblo, and more—all of it crafted by artists, not machines. There’s an impressive selection of sculptures, woven baskets, rugs, pottery, and everything else you can imagine that speaks to the culture of this part of the world. A quick visit to buy a small souvenir can easily turn into an entire day and plans for a new suitcase.
Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village
336 AZ-179, Sedona
Tlaquepaque (Tla-keh-pah-keh, and it’s so fun to say, it’s worth learning the correct pronunciation) is a warren of shops, galleries, boutiques, fountains, restaurants, and charm. If a shopping hamlet can have a soul, this one does. A handful of places to eat and dozens of shops—from jewelry to rugs to clothing to art galleries—means you can start at the coffee shop, end at the wine bar, and explore for hours in between. While you’re there, check out Azadi Navajo Rugs. The beautiful, authentic pieces will have you rethinking every design choice you’ve ever made.
Crystal Magic
2978 AZ-89A, Sedona
This is Sedona: There are literally crystals in the drinking water. Crystals probably grow on a tree in this town somewhere. Which is to say that you will be offered, almost accosted, with an abundance of crystals at every turn. So we say: Cut through the noise and go to the mother ship. Crystal Magic has crystals of every shape, size, and color and at every price point. It also sells jewelry, statues, singing bowls, books, incense, and all the accoutrements you’d expect to find in a crystal shop, but the gem of the place is its stones.