Palermo Bars & Nightlife

Establishment neighborhood
Uptown BA
Arévalo 2030, Palermo
A pretty novel concept, this bar is a complete reconstruction of the NYC subway, as if it’s in transit from the Bronx to Uptown—yet, unlike the subway, this bar also manages to feel illicit, swanky, and clean. From the guys behind the Harrison Speakeasy, no stone was left unturned here—they’ve thought of every detail from the subway tiles that cover nearly every surface and the turnstile you need to pass through, to the actual subway car that holds the bar. This, however is no ordinary subway car, inside is a chic space with leather booths, towering ceilings, and a bar manned by booze experts mixing up themed cocktails to a soundtrack of rap and R&B.
The Harrison Speakeasy
Malabia 1764, Palermo
A riff on the fish market speakeasy operated by the notorious Harrison family in New York during the Prohibition, this iteration (authentically located underneath a sushi restaurant) recreates all of the illicit drama of the period. The real Nicky Harrison—a jailbird who later fled New York—wound up finding life and love in Buenos Aires and every detail in this bar is an ode to his story. (Even the menus feature newspaper clippings detailing Harrison’s 1930 incarceration.) The well-stocked bar is manned by guys who know what they're doing, too.