The San Francisco Wellness Guide

San Francisco has been a long-time pioneer in the world of health and wellness, putting many a food trend on the map before it ever went mainstream. It doesn’t hurt that the city is surrounded by some of the country’s best surf breaks and hiking.
In honor of our San Francisco goop MRKT, we put together a list of the city’s best healers, facialists, bodyworkers, and restaurants.

Amber Woods

4454 A Piedmont Ave., Oakland | 510.480.0284

Amber Woods was into herbal remedies and homeopathy before she switched gears to facials, which means that she's fully integrated when it comes to skin. She performs her "skin care rituals" (start with the pink light glow signature facial and build from there with a list of add-ons) out of a tiny storefront in Oakland where she also sells her 100% organic Pink Light Botanicals product line. She also offers waxing and tinting.

Dermaplus Skin + Body

1728 Union St., Pacific Heights | 415.885.6192

Andrea Lembkey owns and operates this quaint second-floor space, where each treatment is leisurely and attentive. As a bonus, she performs some of the most potent, results-oriented laser facials on the market, as well as great waxes.

Kristina Holey | 917.705.0706

Any facialist worth their salt can make you glow after a treatment, but Kristina's aim is to bring skin into long-term balance. This means that each treatment begins with a thorough dissection of eating habits, skincare routine, and general lifestyle, and ends with a detailed homework assignment for everyday maintenance.

Sarah Becker Skincare

3212 Fillmore St., Marina | 415.447.6159

Sarah actually shares a space with waxing studio Habit, so the rooms here look kind of like a girl's bedroom: dimly lit, pastel-hued, and comfy (the treatment tables are covered in layers of blankets). Once you lie down, Sarah literally tucks you in before beginning the treatment, which is a combination of high-tech and natural elements. The microdermabrasion works wonders without feeling like your face is being sanded off.


537 Divisadero St., NoPa | 415.440.7677

Brian Belier has created a super chill space evoking the Japanese notion of Wabi-sabi (loose translation: letting natural beauty shine, imperfections and all). And here, you feel it in both the décor—lots of salvaged wood and plants—and the cuts, which are cool and artfully shaggy so hair naturally falls in the right shape without looking over-styled. It's the perfect place to come after work as they serve beer. See Brian for cuts and Sylvie Simon for balayage highlights.

Michele Holmes

Hillview Ave., San Rafael | 415.516.5505

Michele Holmes is the real deal when it comes to eyebrows. Though she’s been tweezer-proficient since high school, she took a few years to pursue a career in fashion before going pro. To master her craft, she trained with none other than the woman behind the now-famous “feathered brow” technique, Kristie Streicher (she of Striiike fame). Best part? She does house calls.

AES Acne Clinic

222 Columbus Ave., Financial District | 415.871.0237

It’s a sad fact that for many, acne doesn’t just magically disappear the day after high school graduation. As its name suggests, the specialty at the Acqua e Sapone Acne Clinic is treating adult acne, whether by way of hyper-targeted facial treatments or via their brilliant acne boot camp, which incorporates facials, a tailored product regimen, and skin coaching—essentially, a system for controlling acne long-term through diet.

Tata Harper Spa at Credo

2136 Fillmore St., Pacific Heights | 415.885.1800

The Tata Harper Spa in San Francisco (the only spa of its kind) is tucked into the back of Credo, a clean beauty shop in Pacific Heights. They offer a variety of treatments using Harper's signature products, including detox, hydration therapy, and even back facials, and in true Tata style, you'll snuggle up under a vintage quilt that's reminiscent of her Vermont farm. There's just one tiny room in the back of the shop, so book ahead, though they will take walk-ins.

Shari Spakes

2000 Van Ness Ave., Pacific Heights | 415.922.5694

Shari Spakes’s philosophy centers on educating her clients about how to take care of their specific skin concerns and skin types at home, in addition to occasionally supplementing with professional treatments. She offers a range of options, from classic European-style facials to more targeted peels, which are rounded out by massages and body therapies.

Veer & Wander

6 Brady St, Hayes Valley | 415.864.3012

We love how this streamlined boutique exudes the perfect mix of rockstar edginess and eco-consciousness–the latter being obvious on its shelves that are stocked with some of our favorite natural beauty brands including Vitner's Daughter, Rahua, and our very own goop by Juice Beauty. A full service salon anchors the space, where you can find some of the city's best colorists and stylists.