The Online Party Planning Guide

Pulling together the right event mix—whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or a party for no real reason at all—is all about a certain special sauce. Great food and drinks, spot-on music, maybe a few extra shenanigans and flowers for fun, plus a great photographer to capture it all. Below, our Rolodex of great vendors that ship across the country.

Elan Artists


It's thanks to Elan Artists that we were lucky enough to have the accordion-wielding Carte Blanche Band perform at our Net-a-Porter dinner. Their roster of entertainers is as deep as it is broad, with acts that run the gamut from cabaret-style burlesque dancers to string quartets to a Jersey Boys tribute band.


Sure, photo booths have become regular party staples, but these guys figured out a way to elevate the experience by way of bigger, glossier formats, GIF-making capabilities, blacklight booths, and custom backgrounds and props. Headquarters are in NYC but they can easily accommodate more far-flung locations.

Gig Masters

This is a one stop shop for browsing and booking all sorts of live entertainers—from musicians to DJs to toastmasters. What's more, they provide client reviews and sample contracts to simply the process.

Amigo Booth

The modern, minimalist answer to the oversized photo booth (so tricky to match with party decor), this free-standing, wood-finish camera is designed to make every aspect of taking and sharing group photos fun and simple. Here’s how it works: You rent the camera stand, all your friends take turns gathering around it throughout the night for pictures (it works via touch screen), and the images are instantly available via an app for social sharing. You can also opt for on-site printing, or print your favorites later. It’s one of those why-didn’t-we-think-of-this ideas.