The Guide to Energy Healers, Intuitives & Mediums

One of the requests we field the most is recommendations for good healers—of all varieties. Below, you’ll find a rolodex of our favorite energy workers, intuitives, and mediums—individuals who are supremely gifted at moving, reading, and accessing energy, whether it’s in our bodies or from the other side. (Stay tuned for more on psi phenomena and consciousness, coming soon on goop.) One important thing to note about rates: Typically, gifted healers charge anywhere from $150 to $300 for a session, despite having quite long waitlists. Be wary of anyone who seems astronomically expensive or extortionist. While everyone needs to pay their bills, and reading requires an inordinate amount of energy, the prevailing sentiment seems to be that the gift departs when healers don’t move forward with integrity.

ENERGY HEALERS: Healers who work with energy are typically focused on removing any physical, spiritual, or emotional blockages, typically through modalities like Reiki, tapping, hypnotism, or more intensive shamanic rituals, like soul retrieval.

INTUITIVES & COACHES: The healers we have assembled here all work with a deep knowing—while some are full-on psychics, many use intuition as just one of their tools, whether it’s paired with acupuncture or astrology. In short, they can help navigate romances, tricky work situations, or purpose-of-life quandaries—while also confirming much that you already know to be true about yourself, but might have had trouble believing without outside confirmation. Some of these healers also have mediumistic tendencies, though we like them best for their skills assessing the here and now.

MEDIUMS: True mediumship, or the ability to fully access loved ones on the other side, is the highest form of intuition, and fully developed and skilled mediums can be very difficult to find (they are given information that they must translate correctly, which requires an intense amount of energy and ability). Unless you have well-established faith that our souls survive and can connect with us from the other side, set up a reading in such a way that you can absolutely trust the information. We have tested the mediums that we have included, which means that beyond coming to us highly recommended, they have also done at least one blind reading for a member of the goop team, or a friend of goop, where they didn’t know who they were going to talk to in advance of the call. Many of them also work with organizations like the Forever Family Foundation and the Windbridge Institute, who have established very strict testing parameters for inclusion in their organizations.

There are many fraudulent or under-developed mediums working today, which can have cruel implications for those who are deep in grief, so if you don’t choose to go with one of the mediums on our list, take a recommendation from a trusted friend. While a skilled medium can act as a telephone to loved ones on the other side, they should not be used as therapists: The best mediums see themselves solely as connection initiators, with the goal of giving you and your departed loved one the faith and tools to continue the conversation without them, through established signs and even dream visitations.

One other important point: It’s not really how it appears on TV, as the very best mediums are not 100-percent accurate, but typically will get about 75 to 85 percent of information correct. Some information will not land at all and some might come true down the line. Once you feel confident that a medium has delivered enough evidential information to trust the connection (initials, names, dates, etc.) then it is okay, in our world, to work with them to some extent to help them understand what they are seeing. Most mediums see signs and symbols or references to people in their lives who might be in parallel—this is what they are translating. So, to use an example from Laura Lynne Jackson, if they are shown an apple, it could mean that someone is a teacher, a baker, a New Yorker, an Apple fanatic, an Apple employee, etc. Feel comfortable asking them to re-interpret. It’s a good idea to tape your session so you can transcribe it and refer back. Keep in mind that you do not need to see a medium in-person—they can connect over the phone or through Skype.

Bobbi Allison


Bobbi Allison is an evidential medium (names, places, dates) who moves through the information quickly, which means that a single session packs a fair amount of raw data in. She reads primarily through paralleling, i.e., she will see something from her own life that mimics the message. Although we did not test her in this capacity, in her psychic life, she is also a remote viewer, which means that she works on missing person cases. Bobbi also works with the Forever Family Foundation.

Lynn D. Austin

Lynn Austin does most of her work by phone—but she's one of those people who puts a lot of emotion into her voice (and belly laughs), so a reading with her is more like a casual chat with a friend. She is an evidential medium, and will produce plenty of names and anecdotes, describing what she is seeing all-the-while. She is also known for her work with pets, and is particularly good at addressing the issue of children—whether you have them, want them, or are curious as to know if you will be having more.

Litany Burns

Recognized repeatedly as one of the leading clairvoyant/medium/psychics in the world, Burns is an author (The Sixth Sense of Children and Develop Your Psychic Abilities), filmmaker, lecturer, and educator. She works (in print, video, TV, etc.) to teach people how to apply intuitive powers to everyday life, and has appeared on major national television shows, newspapers, and magazines on the topic. She came into the public eye when the New York City D.A invited her to work on the Son of Sam case back in the 70's; her work has only expanded since then. Burns connects simply by helping clients center themselves in the space in an almost meditative moment, and speaks first about what comes up for her, also encouraging clients to ask about particular issues and people in their lives, present or passed. Her readings get at a person’s core issues quickly, and build outward from there—incredible accuracy combined with brilliant insight.

Nancy D’Erasmo | 631.862.0803

With more than 20 years of experience under her belt, Nancy D'Erasmo can readily channel those who have passed. She has a particular knack, though, for working as a medical medium, zeroing in on things that might be problematic and how best to approach treatment for them with your doctor. Nancy works from pictures and cards, and will touch on everything from career to soul contracts with as-of-yet-born children.

Joanne Gerber | 781.883.5403

Certified by both the Forever Family Foundation and the Windbridge Institute, Joanne Gerber is evidential enough to be a research medium for the latter, and emotionally gifted enough to work with families in grief for the former. Based in Boston, she does most of her readings via the phone. Don't miss the "Psychic Fun" section of her website, which offers everything from an ESP trainer to a comprehensive numerology calculator, complete with in-depth information about your life's plan and purpose.

Tyler Henry

While Tyler Henry is typically out filming his show, The Hollywood Medium, when he's not on set, he's doing private readings for those in grief who want to connect with loved ones on the other side (the waitlist is admittedly long). He read for Dr. Alejandro Junger at goop HQ (you can watch the interview here), who was floored by his accuracy. The show offers a great, though edited, overview of mediumship readings, and he now has a book that explains how he came to be where he is, called Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side.

Sandy Ingham

Based in Cornwall, Sandy is an international medium (all she needs is a phone line) who gets her information through thoughts, rather than voices or images (i.e., she is clairsentient—and most remarkably, she is also a psychic artist). While she herself admittedly cannot draw, one of her spirit guides takes control of her hand and draws loved ones who have passed while she delivers information from the other side. (There are some fascinating YouTube videos of the process.)

Laura Lynne Jackson

Laura Jackson is arguably one of the greatest living mediums, certified by both the Forever Family Foundation (an incredible organization that puts together grief retreats and webinars for families who have suffered devastating losses), and the Windbridge Institute, a foundation helmed by Dr. Julie Beischel that studies psi abilities and how they manifest in the brain of research mediums. Laura's readings are special because they are packed with evidential information (names, dates, and very specific details) as well as personality—she translates so spectacularly that you can almost hear your loved ones from the other side. While Laura is booked up for years, and is no longer taking appointments for readings, her book, The Light Between Us, is incredible and a great overview for how mediumship manifests and works, and you can catch her at events, workshops, and group readings through FFF.

Janet Nohavec | 973.616.9685

Reverend Janet Nohavec is a former Roman Catholic nun, which makes her a great choice for those who find it difficult to reconcile their religious beliefs and mediumship. Her readings, which typically run about 30 minutes, are highly evidential. She focuses on producing a string of facts, names, places, and dates rather than an interpretative framework. This makes sense, as Nohavec started her own church in New Jersey in 1996, called The Journey Within Spiritualist Church—she leaves it to the sitter to assimilate what the information might mean, and how best to apply it. She is a volunteer for the Forever Family Foundation, and also does work with hospice.

Sandra O’Hara

Based in Ireland, Sandra O'Hara is both a warm and forthright medium, bookmarking every reading with the reminder that the information and people who come through are solely to serve your highest good. She delivers straightforward, establishing facts along with some emotional context, helping you understand the deeper message, specifically around what you can and cannot control in life.

Joe Perreta

Joe is the youngest medium on the list (like wine, many connected people find that their gifts get more refined with experience), but he is preternaturally gifted, and has been exploring his connection with the spirit world since he was ten, when the neighborhood came to him for tarot readings. Intent on pursuing a career in music, he was pushed by every astrologer and psychic-medium he encountered (he comes from a family of them), to step into his true path as a medium. He is smart, and assured, and channels foundation-building facts as well as the subtleties of personality for sessions that are eye-opening, healing, and substantial. Like many on this list, he volunteers for the Forever Family Foundation, though still offers one-on-one readings in his office in New York (there's a wait list, but it's worth it).

Rebecca Rosen | 303.388.2288

While Rebecca Rosen has been busy writing bestselling books and hosting a TV show, The Last Goodbye, she still sees clients in her Denver office, and sets up readings across the country as well. While you can apply through her site for a one-on-one, she typically does two-hour sessions with groups of eight, where everyone is guaranteed a reading. Interestingly enough (though perhaps not surprisingly), she finds that the groups are drawn together for a reason, where most attendees are going through something similar, whether it's the dissolution of a marriage or the loss of a child. Rebecca's readings are packed with both stunningly accurate and concrete details—names, dates, events—and nuance, as she is masterful at decoding and drawing meaning from signs sent from the other side, including little stories that they might have observed. Her latest book, What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, is packed with useful tools and meditations for opening your intuition and learning how to communicate with loved ones who have passed.

Kim Russo

Like many of the great healers on our list, Kim Russo is based in Long Island (there's clearly something in the water out there), where she slowly built her clientele over decades. Besides volunteering as a medium for the Forever Family Foundation and working as a Windbridge Institute research medium, Kim is the author of The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side, and is the star of two shows, The Haunting Of... and Psychic Intervention. With a waitlist that's over a yearlong, Kim isn't currently taking appointments for one-on-one readings, but she does do small and mid-size groups.

Gina Simone | 516.446.7676

While Gina practices Reiki and past-life regression, go to her for her mediumship, as she offers profound healing and connection to those who have passed to the other side (cue the tears). Not only does she bring through very validating and specific stories and details (names, dates, etc.), but she delivers important messages from loved ones—about life path and purpose, and relationships that may be coming or may need to go. While some mediums insist on little to no participation other than yes and no (which is fine, particularly at the beginning when you're waiting to hear details that make you trust the connection), Gina is ultimately highly collaborative, which means that you can go quite deep. Gina typically reads over the phone, but she also schedules small group readings in her office, which are a great option for families. She volunteers for the Forever Family Foundation, so you can catch her at their events and grief retreats as well.

Jeffrey Wands | 516.883.5959

Jeffrey Wands typically uses tarot to enter the session; after an initial 10-15 minutes of interpretation, he usually connects with spirits he senses in the room (he also likes to engage with photos). An appointment with Wands can feel very much like a therapy session: He intuits blow-your-mind-accurate, spot-on facts and larger truths about your life—not just the past or the future, but lots of incredibly useful and profound stuff about the here and now. He welcomes questions. The author of three books (The Psychic In You, Another Door Opens, and Knock and the Door Will Open), plus three e-books, Wands' appointment book is generally packed (definitely plan to wait at least a few months for a session), and his personal appearances sell out quickly; you can often catch him on TV shows like the Today Show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and A&E's Mediums: We See Dead People.